WPC: 2017 Favorites


Late Saturday afternoon, and I was enjoying a warm and sunny October day walking on my favorite Oregon beach with my daughter and granddaughter.  Every day spent with them in Oregon is a good day, but this day was a special gift as little one and her mother kicked and played in the waves while I explored the rocks and tidal pools revealed only at low tide.



I was happy not only to share this place and time with my loved ones, but also because I was finding abundant evidence of sea life growing on these ancient rocks.



I had been dismayed in October of 2016 to find these massive rocks and pools largely barren.  The swarming life I found here only a few years ago remains largely a memory.

But on this October afternoon, I was happy to find sea anemones, mussels, a few clams, barnacles and several sorts of sea plants growing here once again, and flocks of birds eating and resting here at low tide.



Looking back across 2017, this remains one of my favorite days of the year.

And though these photos are not from our garden, they remain some of my favorite photos not only for the happy memories they recall,  but also because they stand out as so different from the rest.



This watery landscape is as beloved as it is alien to my native Virginia.  I love this horizon where the sun sets into the vast Pacific and where the mountains run right down into the sea.  And I love the time I am able to spend  in this magnificent and magical place, with my family.



For the Daily Post’s

Weekly Photo Challenge:  2017 Favorites


The Connie Hansen Garden, Lincoln City Oregon


“I think the secret to a happy life is a selective memory.
Remember what you are most grateful for
and quickly forget what you’re not.”
Richard Paul Evans


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4 responses to “WPC: 2017 Favorites

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  3. I grow up on the coast. Now I live a long way from the sea. Some days I miss the wind in my face and the smell of salt. But now I live in a woodland and I miss that when I am away.

    • I love mornings that begin with a walk along the beach , and late nights listening to the rolling waves . I hope you are able to get back to the coast for visits. Thank you for visiting and for sharing your thoughts .

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