Back to the Bare Bones

January 1 2014 Parkway 008

Our landscape is back to the bare bones.

January 1 2014 Parkway 005

Again we can catch a glimpse at the structure of things,

the truth of them.

January 1 2014 Parkway 014

Leaves blown from branches, grasses falling back to Earth,

January 1 2014 Parkway 016

we are left with the finely wrought network of stem and branch

only partially obscuring our view of what is beyond.

January 1 2014 Parkway 019

The horizon has opened.

January 1 2014 Parkway 017

Woodland windows opened to see past the edges,

into the heart of things.

January 1 2014 Parkway 031

There is a hardness, an emptiness, a utilitarian look to the world in winter.

January 1 2014 Parkway 012

Sharpness in the air echoed by the sharpness of the light

January 1 2014 Parkway 038

Echoed again in the sharp chirps and trills and laughter

of birds calling to one another

January 1 2014 Parkway 027

With warning, with encouragement, with wisdom

January 1 2014 Parkway 029

With the sheer joy of a light washed winter day.

January 1 2014 Parkway 030

All Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

January 1 2014 Parkway 023

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

6 responses to “Back to the Bare Bones

  1. Look at that eagle! Beautiful. 🙂 I wouldn’t have spotted him if I hadn’t read the comments first. Nature does seem to be almost down to the bare bones this time of year.

    • Yes- I hope you’ve had a beautiful day with snow on your garden, Robin. Just wind and bitter cold here. You spotted the eagle! Two landed in the tree, conversing. I could only find one with the lens… They were having a great time. Best wishes… WG

  2. I just spotted the Eagle! Lol
    Great capture!

  3. Another beautiful post!
    I love it!
    Beautiful photos! (:)

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