January 26 2014 ice 002

Ice and snow, crystallized water, still cover the garden. 

January 26 2014 ice 023

Ice has grown, during this period of extended cold, to also cover our ponds and nearby creeks.

January 26 2014 ice 070

The ground is still white in most places, and what ice melts a little in the sun at mid day freezes over again by night.

January 26 2014 ice 043

The world is still frosted with beautiful ice crystals.

January 26 2014 ice 013

Elegant ice sculptures appear in surprising places.

January 26 2014 ice 031

Areas overlooked through most of the year as too raw, broken, or unremarkable to be found beautiful, shine under their gloss of crystal clear ice and pure white snow.

January 26 2014 ice 054

We see the commonplace with fresh eyes against a forgiving backdrop of whiteness.

January 26 2014 ice 060

What was muddy appears clean.  We are teased with bits of things poking out of their fresh blanket of white.

January 26 2014 ice 057

Light reflects and refracts in unexpected ways, an interplay of water and ice; sky and Earth; liquid and crystal.

January 26 2014 ice 072

Our tired and muddy December garden has transformed into something fresh and new.  We are nearly ready to begin again, the canvass cleared and scoured by ice.

January 26 2014 ice 032

We are reminded of the miraculous nature of water when it crystallizes and coats our world.

January 26 2014 ice 049

The same water we drink, the water which fills our creeks and pours from our taps, will also shape itself into exquisite hexagonal crystals and fall from the clouds, or creep spontaneously out of their liquid state as the temperature drops.

January 26 2014 ice 030

“The act of living is the act of flowing.” Masaru Emoto

Each beautiful crystal of ice is unique, a creature shaped by the circumstance in which it forms.

January 26 2014 ice 052

These same crystals will melt back into a drop of water when heated by the sun; or perhaps evaporate back into their mist-like gaseous state, and rise into the sky as water vapor, rejoining the clouds from which they came.

January 26 2014 ice 086

Water, Earth’s life blood, moves continually from one form to the next.  In and out of bodies; up into the roots of trees, and back out through their leaves into the sky; it is in constant motion.

January 26 2014 ice 062

“As I continue my conversation with water, the crystals continue to teach me many lessons:  the importance of living in tune with the rhythm of life and the flow of nature, leaving the Earth beautiful for future generations; love; and prayer.”  Masaru Emoto

January 26 2014 ice 058

Seeping into the Earth, passing into streams above or below the ground; flowing into rivers, lapping against beaches in waves large and small, water is what unites us through its continual transformation.

January 26 2014 ice 051

Its eternal journey is only delayed a bit by frost.

January 26 2014 ice 097

Whether locked into a glacier or a snowflake, whether crystallized as hoar frost or icicle, water pauses in its constant motion only so long as it is frozen; as liquid or gas become solid, crystallized, frosted.

January 26 2014 ice 099

Water’s strange crystalline beauty is manifest for us now, before it transforms yet again.

January 26 2014 ice 048

Words and photos by Woodland Gnome, 2014


“Water carries within it your thoughts and your prayers.  And as you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world… Fill your soul with love and gratitude. Pray for the world.  Share the message of love.  And let us flow as long as we live.”  Masaru Emoto

January 26 2014 ice 096

Quotations from The Secret Life of Water by Masaru Emoto


Winter Sunset

Snow Washed

Hoar Frost

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4 responses to “Frosted

  1. This has been too long in coming: Thank you for the link, WG. 🙂 Your images of the frost are beautiful. I apologize for taking so long to stop by this post. I’m just starting to get caught up. (I’ve been behind for months!)

    • I know the feeling well, Robin. I always feel badly when I miss posts from those I follow closely. Life happens 😉 It is always a balance between life, writing, gardening, and keep up with our interests online. Thank goodness the world doesn’t look this way this morning- sunshine, no snow, and daffodils opening 😉 Hope you enjoy the day, WG

  2. the ice crystal and ice-y photographs are just beautiful. So well taken, just gorgeous.

    lots of love and gratitude for all your posts

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