Color and Form

August 15 2013 flowers 006Color, pattern, line and form:  the elements all artists have worked with to create their masterpieces from the earliest carvings at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, perhaps 12,000 years ago, right up to the most contemporary art works posted to the Web.August 21, 2013 close up garden 026

And our inspiration comes always from the beauty, balance, and intricate design of nature.August 21 2013 garden photos 001

Whether the pattern of color on a leaf, the rhythm in a stand of trees, the form of a flower; we can only imitate the beauty born minute to minute around us.August 11 2013 CP trees 025

Here is a quotation from one of the oldest texts known to our current civilization.  The Hermetica comes to us from Egypt in at least 3000BC, perhaps earlier. August 13 2013 vines 008 It is attributed to Thoth, one of the elders who instructed the Pharaohs.  August 13 2013 vines 015Its long history sees its translation into Greek, which made it accessible to the Medicis of Italy, where its translation into Latin sparked the Renaissance.  August 6 2013 morning glory 005

This translation is by the great Gnostic historians and philosophers Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, for your enjoyment:

Contemplate Creation

Autust 6 colonial Pkwy 008

Ask Atum to flash a ray of his illumination into your awareness,Aug 6 2013 dragonfly 005

giving you the power to grasp in thought his sublime Being.August 15 2013 flowers 004

For the invisible may only be seen with thoughts-which are themselves invisible.August 13 2013 vines 017

If you can’t see thoughts, do you expect to see Atum?August 13 2013 vines 016

Look with your mind, however, and he will appear to you, manifesting himself without reservation throughout the whole universe, so that you may see his image with your eyes and hold it with your two hands.August 19,2013 roots 002

Do you think Atum is invisible?  Don’t say that!  Nothing is more visible than Atum.  August 21, 2013 close up garden 018

He created all things so that through them you could see him.  This is Atum’s Great Heart- that he manifests himself in everything.August 21 2013 garden photos 027

Everything can be known, including the insubstantial.August 15 2013 flowers 010

Just as Mind is known through thoughts, so Atum is known through his creation.August 1 2013 rain soaked garden 008

Atum is the all-encompassing author of entirety, weaving everything into the fabric of reality.Autust 14, 2013 vines 007

Because creation is visible, we can see the Creator, and this is the purpose of his creation.  August 1 2013 rain soaked garden 005

Since he is always creating, he can always be seen, so we should think and marvel, and realize that we are blessed with Knowledge of our Father.July 31 2013 002

…Look at matter filled full with Life, and see Atum pulsating with all he contains.Autust 6 colonial Pkwy 011

All photos by Woodland Gnome, 2013

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

6 responses to “Color and Form

  1. phillybookpicks


    I don’t have a green thumb , love your post. I hope your information helps me, take care!

  2. Forest So Green

    Natures gives so much to us.

  3. farseems

    and this one is the best; “And We created the world that We may be Known” (Al.-Quran)

    “and there are wonders in the earth, sky and seas for you to enjoy. Which one of the wonders of your Lord will you denny?”

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