January 4 ice 061

There’s a stillness peculiar to winter;

A hushed, patient mood of waiting

Out in the garden.

January 1 2014 Parkway 015

Growth suspended,

Day melting into frozen night,

The world is reduced to still life.

January 4 ice 044The noisy, ever changing

Hubbub of spring

Still weeks away;

The garden waits, nearly silent.

January 18 fungi 037

Animated only by birds, and deer,

And neighbors walking dogs;

There is no buzz of grass growing,

Or swish of unfurling buds.

No hum of bees mutes the clear

And empty silence;

January 20 parkway 007Only wind blowing branch against branch

And staccato chime of frozen rain.

January 4 ice 063

Light shifts from dawn to noon to dusk.

January 4 ice 011

Water drips and refreezes

Into oddly rounded forms.

January 24 ice 042

Owls call to their mates across the ravine.

January 23 snow2 011

Waves lap the beach.

January 20 parkway 031

The rest is still; sculptural in its stark simplicity.

January 1 2014 Parkway 034

While bear and snake and groundhog sleep,

Our garden waits, glazed into shades of brown.

January 23 2014 snow 3 003

Tight, windswept and bare,

Landscape reduced to its simplest form.

January 9 2014 ice on Parkway 027

Our time for seeing the true shape of things.

The winter garden is our gallery.

Ours to wander and enjoy

These still, and silent

Objets d’art.

January 19 birds 028

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

6 responses to “Gallery

  1. Lovely photographs! Is that a Eagles nest in the Cyprus tree? 🙂

    I hope you guys are ready for our potential winter storm for next week!?

    • Hi Michael, Glad you liked the photos. Yes, that is an active Eagle’s nest in the Cypress on the pond. This is mating season, and I’m so looking forward to getting back out to watch for them. We think we’re ready, Michael. I’ve been in with the crud for over a week now. We still have patches of the last snow in the shade here. We’ve had snow on the ground for over 18 days straight now 😉 I hope you and yours are ready for the next batch coming. Looking back, I have snow photos from last year in March….

      Thanks for coming by Forest Garden today. The peanuts in your post look just wonderful. People up this way boil them- shelled- in sugar water for these wonderfully sugary crusted treats. Glad to know another lover of the most sublime peanut. WG

  2. farseems

    you are now certified as a poetess, my friend. Beautifully, poetically expressed, this waiting, longing, yearning for spring, around the corner.

    • Yes, we are waiting and longing for spring together, but also enjoying this beautiful time for rest. I hope your translations are coming along and that you are both well. Only a few more weeks now before we will be back outside with more projects than hours 😉 I hope you are getting out and taking photos, in love with all of life, and reciting from our much loved Rumi. Still in and re-cuping here- but on the mend. Much love-

  3. What lovely imagery you create in your poetry. I just came in from walking the dog — he asked to go out at 4 am and the beautiful white silence was so lovely I almost didn’t mind

    • What a special moment, Cynthia. Your dog must really love you for taking him on early morning walks in winter. Thank you for the kind words on the poem. This winter has been a specially beautiful one for those blessed with the means to stay warm. Best wishes, WG

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