January 24 ice 065

For three days now the world has been frozen.

Rock hard ground, sheathed in ice and snow;

January 24 ice 015

The larder is locked.January 24 2014 birds 034

Any worms or insects the birds might hope to find,

Securely encased in frozen mud.

Any fallen seeds,  buried under ice.


Berries top the bird buffet;

Berries, and any human offerings

Left  behind in kindness, to sustain

The great, gathering flocksJanuary 24 2014 birds 033

In search of food.

Food to fuel survival

Until the world grows soft again,

And offers up its bounty.

January 24 ice 040

The world is frozen,

A glinting, glimmering, hard and shiny

Version of itself.

January 24 ice 046

White sunlight bouncing from ground to leaf

To icicle adorned landscape;

January 24 ice 048

Glinting in eye piercing patches of brightest light

From water and snow.

This frozen light,

Clear and hard;

Offers no warmth.

January 24 ice 019

The world is frozen, brittle, sharp and painful.

Wind sucking warmth from finger and face,

Snow numbing toes and hands.

January 24 ice 030

Icicles threatening like crystal knives,

Gathering girth as frozen night follows frigid day.

January 24 ice 008

Birds crunch frozen berries from ice glazed shrubs,

Filling their gullets with ice,

Flying to keep from freezing, staying close in

Living clouds of winged family flocks.

January 24 ice 038

Ruffling feathers against the wind,

Standing on ice, wading in briny waves.

January 24 ice 052

A small miracle, to remain warm

And alive,

In this world of ice.

January 24 ice 054

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

What is There To Eat?

Bringing Birds To The Garden

Families Gathering

Ligustrum in the Winter Garden

Snow Washed

January 24 2014 birds 017

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

5 responses to “Frozen

  1. Beautiful pictures! Everything is frozen and extremely cold. I am sure all the birds and wildlife are having a hard time finding food. My birdfeeders have been covered with birds all day!

    Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

  2. Very beautiful writing!
    And amazingly beautiful photos as usual!
    Thank you so much for shareing!
    And be sure to include this bog in you book! Lol
    Have a wonderful night! My Friend!

    • Thank you, Marion. Happy you liked the photos and enjoyed the poem. It was so cold by the water this afternoon with the wind blowing, but so beautiful that I kept jumping out of the car to take more photo! Can’t remember when I’ve been so cold, but it was worth it. I’m ready for a warm up, and bet you are, too. Happy Friday my friend! WG

  3. The world is indeed frozen. Beautiful words and images, WG. Our little birds here dug through the snow to get at the grass seed we planted on the woodland trail the day before it snowed. I don’t think there will be a seed left. That’s okay. We’ll plant more. The feeder, which has been largely ignored, is suddenly a hub of activity.

    • Isn’t it amazing how resourceful they become in this weather? I’ve been sprinkling bird seeds at the edge of the patio, and we’ve had whole flocks coming to feed today, from the seeds and the Ligustrum. At this rate, ever berry will be consumed before Monday. You are so very generous in not minding the birds eating your grass seed on the woodland trail. I can’t imagine how they generate enough heat to survive this cold. Hope you are staying warm, Robin. I’m looking forward to reading your post 😉 WG

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