Love Your Local Beekeeper

The Nixon family has their newly harvested honey for sale at their farm stand at 3004 Ironbound Road, near the Five Forks Farm Fresh, near Jamestown, Virginia.

The Nixon family has their newly harvested honey for sale at their farm stand at 3004 Ironbound Road, near the Five Forks Farm Fresh, near Jamestown, Virginia.

We are so happy that Jerry and Martha Nixon have their fall harvest of honey bottled and ready for sale at their farm stand on Ironbound Road in James City County, Va.  Isn’t their label pretty?October 4 shopping 001

The Nixons have offered a steady supply of produce all summer.  Some they grow themselves, and some they source from local farmers.  At the moment they have beautiful ripe tomatoes grown a few miles away in Hanover County; apples from the Shenandoah valley; boxes of muscadine grapes; South Carolina peaches; freshly roasted peanuts;  and delicious home made cakes, cookies, jams and pickles.  When the fruit is too ripe to sell, Martha takes it home and makes jelly.

October 4 shopping 003Now they also have a lot full of pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, and chrysanthemums.  It makes you happy just getting out of the car!  And now, at last, their local honey is ready for sale.

Local honey is considered by many to be a wonderfully healing food.   Many allergy sufferers swear that it offers relief, since honey made from local pollen sources can help one build up immunity to the allergy triggering pollen in your own local area.   A spoonful or two a day does the trick to help build immunity over time.  In additional, honey has antibacterial properties.  It provides relief for sore throat and cold symptoms, can be used topically on wounds, and does good things for the skin.  We know that honey has been used as food and medicine for as long as we have written records of humankind.  It was important to the ancient Egyptians, and we find more and more information about its use as we translate Sumerian tablets, and other very old manuscripts.

Love your local beekeeper, and support their efforts to produce good local honey.  Industrial honey, often imported from other countries, will not be as pure.  It will not have the specific pollens to offer protection to allergy sufferers, and it won’t be produced with the love and care your  beekeeping friends and neighbors invest in its production.

All photos by Woodland Gnome 2013October 4 shopping 002

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