Sunday Dinner: Liberty

July 3, 2016 wet garden 026


“The moment you say that any idea system is sacred,

whether it’s a religious belief system or a secular ideology,

the moment you declare a set of ideas

to be immune from criticism, satire,

derision, or contempt,

freedom of thought becomes impossible.”


Salman Rushdie


July 3, 2016 wet garden 051


“If there be time to expose through discussion

the falsehood and fallacies,

to avert the evil

by the processes of education,

the remedy to be applied is more speech,

not enforced silence.”


Louis D. Brandeis


July 3, 2016 wet garden 053


“They who can give up essential liberty

to obtain a little temporary safety

deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Benjamin Franklin


July 3, 2016 wet garden 050


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2016


July 3, 2016 wet garden 004


“We are all like the bright moon,

we still have our darker side.”


Kahlil Gibran


July 3, 2016 wet garden 054

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12 responses to “Sunday Dinner: Liberty

  1. Beautiful reflective images to go with your thought-provoking quotations for Independence Day, WG. I feel we are reaching a tipping point in today’s world – will we choose to build walls and look only inwards or will we choose to embrace the whole world and stay open, outward-looking and empathetic to each other across the globe? I will hope for the latter. 🙂

    • Peggy, you have put your finger on it here. And if only the choice were that clear cut! One must also examine the ‘baggage’ each choice brings as closely as any competent TSA agent would check your bag getting on a flight. Looking a little past the faces, who stands around them itching to govern? Yes! Absolutely we are at a tipping point on so many fronts. And we need to make these choices from an informed perspective. My heart breaks for the people of the UK who were bullied into voting to exit the EU without being fully informed of what that would do to the British economy, etc. Some things you can’t ‘undo.’ I hope this weekend was a good one for you and yours ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Ah yes, indeed – choosing which side we want to be on is easy … but finding leaders who will truly take us there is another matter entirely! I still can hardly take in that we voted to ‘leave Europe’ – this is such a huge backward step in so many ways. All during the referendum campaign it was clear to me no truth was being told by either side on the true effects of so-called ‘Brexit’. The PR machines and their mouthpiece, the mainstream media, have a lot to answer for, I think. We are certainly now in worrying and uncertain times here in the UK. It is at times like this I am glad for my garden as a place of solace and refuge – gardens are always full of positive energy. I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend, WG 🙂

        • Peggy, we are indoors watching the rain, but happily so. I just planted some rooted cuttings on the patio in a pot with a little space left 😉 Fireworks for tonight are slowly getting cancelled all around us. The holiday celebrations here mirror the political mood of our country at the moment…. Confucius found solace in his garden as well. We are in good company, Peggy ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. But… If freedom of thought is used only for criticism, satire,derision, or contempt… Is freedom of thought then an abused element of Liberty? I believe with the right to choose what we think… comes responsibility to do no harm.

    Provocative collection of quotes.

    • An excellent question you ask, Jane. Balance in all things must be our guide, as satire, etc. is a very sharp and powerful weapon. And in the wrong hands, very destructive. But, like the ‘wrathful deities’ of Buddhist art, these things, when skillfully used, help us cut through illusion to find the underlying truth. With all rights come responsibilities. Your last comment is intriguing… think how much of our US economy depends on those whose goal it is to ‘do harm,’ in one form or another….. This holiday is always a provocative one for me. I can’t ever observe our Independence Day without remembering, also, the French Revolution, which followed on its heels, authored by the same players. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jane. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I agree with your identification with the 4th of July as a provocative holiday. It seems even more important to be reflective this year… About Liberty, Freedom, and what it is to be patriotic. Thank you for the inspiration.

        • I knew you would understand. We are faced with difficult choices, and I feel we are at an important crossroads in the evolution of our ‘self?’-government. We have to keep the (national) conversation going…. Hope you and yours are enjoying the weekend ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Hi wg! Looks like I made it here fresh off the publish – I only skimmed as I am heading out – and you know quotes can be read and then they can be pondered – ha! But I must say the Liberty quote is my big take away today – happy 4th 💥💥💥❤️🌸☀️

    • You were right there, Yvette! What timing! Hope you and yours had a great weekend and have plans to enjoy today together. We did hear fireworks last night, as the rain stopped for a few hours. We were surprised to hear them, but happy for those who came to enjoy them. Glad you like the quotations- they all speak to ‘Liberty’ in one way or another. That is one of the toughest legacies our countries founders left for us- ❤ ❤ ❤

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