WPC: Opposites

June 30, 2016 rainbow 040


“If we can stay with the tension of opposites

long enough —sustain it, be true to it—

we can sometimes become vessels

within which the divine opposites come together

and give birth to a new reality.”


Marie-Louise von Franz


Oregon Trip 2016 026


“God created… light and dark, heaven and hell—

science claims the same thing as religion,

that the Big Bang created everything in the universe

with an opposite;

including matter itself, antimatter”


Dan Brown


Oregon Trip 2016 025

Depot Bay, Oregon


For the Daily Post’s

Weekly Photo Challege:  Opposites


June 30, 2016 rainbow 038


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2016


Caladium 'Miss Muffett' in a mixed planter with Heuchera 'Glowing Embers' and ferns.

Caladium ‘Miss Muffett’ in a mixed planter with Heuchera ‘Glowing Embers,’ ivy and ferns.

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

10 responses to “WPC: Opposites

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  3. Lovely words and what beautiful leaves! The rock plant reminds me of the little ivy-leaved toadflax plant that grows on the old walls in our back lane.

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  5. Depot bay – glad to see that the seeds which fell on the rocks managed to grow!

  6. A nice woodland gnome take on the wpc! The red and pink in the opening leaf is amazing – and the flowers in the rocks is such a soft addition – 😉

    • Thank you , Yvette 😊 Hope you and yours enjoy the holiday weekend !

      • So far so good – hubs has a bit of a cold from the trip – my son had it before we left – his gf had it on ride home – and then hubs has it now – I had it slightly – but think I might escape this one!
        Anyhow – I actually did a tiny bit of gardening and thought of you – well the tips challenge – I almost took pics – but one tip was to NOT plant invasive plants directly in the ground – like mint should be potted – we also have blackberry plants that keep sending shoots up everywhere – I regret planting them in 08 – but on the other hand it has been fun harvesting and a couple years we had tons! This year is a medium harvest – and yum!
        Do you have any berry bushes ?

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