Wednesday Already?

February 29, 2016 early flowers 055


This haunting photo taken on Monday is my lone offering for Tina’s Wildlife Wednesday this month.

It is a shell my partner spotted lying on the sidewalk in Brent and Becky Heath’s display gardens when we visited earlier this week. He had an eye for small treasures like this, while I was totally absorbed in the spring flowers we found.

We’ve been enjoying the many birds who visit our garden, but I haven’t the talent Tina has for attracting and photographing them.  I hope you will click to visit her post and share one of her secrets for photographing birds, which is absolutely clever!  And then,  if you have a moment, please also check out her gentle reminders to provide safe haven for our precious pollinators.

We were thrilled to find these trees already in bloom in Gloucester; an early food source for those hungry bees!  The Heaths maintain many hives at their garden.


February 29, 2016 early flowers 056


We did spot this wonderful guy beside the water garden, guarding some Crocus,


February 29, 2016 early flowers 018~

and this beautiful Koi enjoying the bright sunshine on his pool.


February 29, 2016 early flowers 022


But, I was searching for the earliest blossoms from the Heath’s extensive collection of spring bulbs.


February 29, 2016 early flowers 038


This little winter blooming Iris unguicularis caught my imagination at planting time last fall, and I planted the tiny bulbs in pots.  The one above is growing by the Heath’s water garden in Gloucester.  The one below is the first Iris to bloom in a pot in our garden this year.


March 2, 2016 Iris 003


It is still very early to expect to find much in the garden.  Our friend who works in the shop on Mondays reminded us of this.  But I was already headed outside, and knew there would be treasures for those who searched for them.


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We found Hellebores and Crocus, early Daffodils and Hyacinths, Camellias and other flowering shrubs relaxing in the day’s brilliant sun.  A cool breeze off the water kept the garden visit brisk and brief.

February 29, 2016 early flowers 070


But it proved just what we needed on ‘Leap Day.’  We leapt into spring full of hope and optimism, though it still is very much winter here.
February 29, 2016 early flowers 012
And now it is Wednesday, already.  A very busy week for us, and no time to spend in our own garden before the cold settled back over us today.
No matter.  ‘To everything there is a season,’ we know.  There is time enough for every purpose under heaven…
February 29, 2016 early flowers 008

Photos by Woodland Gnome 2016

at Brent and Becky Heath’s display gardens

in Gloucester, Virginia

February 29, 2016 early flowers 071

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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

8 responses to “Wednesday Already?

  1. Looks like a great outing, WG. I’ve been pouring through Brent and Becky’s catalog, and thinking that I really must get down there sometime to see their gardens.

  2. A lovely post, with so many signs that spring really is on its way!

  3. Lovely, spring-y photos. I like the shell, but I agree, the photo is haunting. Thanks for the link and for participating in Wildlife Wednesday.

  4. Tess

    What a beautiful garden. I’m seeing a few blooms in my garden too. Everything is slowly awakening and I’m so excited! Needless to say it’s my favorite time of year!! I hope this is our last cold spell. Stay warm!

  5. How fortunate to have a great resource nearby for frequent visits. I always feel like the week is nearly gone when Wednesday rolls around. Not complaining: it means spring and summer are that much closer.

    • You are so right, Rickii. This week has flown. We will need to head back to Gloucester next week, as the bulbs we ordered haven’t come in yet. It seems that things are delayed a little this season and the shipments haven’t come in, which is fine with us! We are glad for an excuse to return, and will hope to see even more Daffodils in bloom by then. The garden, and the owners and staff, always prove a rich source of inspiration and gardening knowledge.

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