February 29, 2016 early flowers 058~

“Fish would probably be the last

of all creatures to discover water.”


Flavil  Yeakley Jr


February 29, 2016 early flowers 021


“Some look at life, for their entire life,

before they actually see.”


Nikki Rowe



February 29, 2016 early flowers 014


“Intention and awareness

are the two tools that enable us to create

anything our heart desires

from the universe.”


Russell Eric Dobda


February 29, 2016 early flowers 064


Photos taken at Brent and Becky Heath’s display gardens in Gloucester, VA


February 29, 2016 early flowers 079


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2016


February 29, 2016 early flowers 076


About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

11 responses to “Inter-dimensional

  1. I love that first photos, especially. It looks like a Monet.

  2. Well it happened again – the pics took a bit to load (not long – but not instant) and so i read the text first and then again with the pics – very cool!
    Intention and awareness was my fav….

    • 😉 Yvette, it works that way when I access WordPress sites from my tablet. It is an interesting way to view the post! I can get lost in the pictures and just breeze over the text. But the slow load forces me to focus on the words, first. Yes, Very Cool! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • 😎have a nice week my gardener friend –

        • Yvette, I hope you enjoy the week, too. Just went to the gardens in Gloucester today to see what is in bloom, and found tiny Irises, Hyacinths, Daffies, Snowdrops and budding trees. We come home and hear a possibility of snow in the forecast for Thursday night and Friday. It was warm and sunny here today; a simply gorgeous day for Leap Day! 🙂

          • Well you actually made my day in two ways! First with the mention of your flowers! I could picture them as you mentioned them – and your pure love for all things garden is completely inspirational !
            I feel like yogi people are some of the kindest folks I have ever met – but add to that gardeners because they often have this Pep and passion that is so pure and earthy! (That’d be u….)
            Second – I am actually in the mood for snow! So thx again for some weather forecasting my east coast friend!

            • Thank you for this sweet message to begin the day, Yvette. Are you also one of the ‘Yogi people’? You’ve set a high bar here, but I will intend to keep the ‘pep and passion’ alive…. always such a joy as we approach another spring 😉

              • Well just keep doing what you do – which is that u seem to “keep it real” and sometimes serious and Informative (like the slush snow post) and too much Pep can drown – ha!
                And I have been doing yoga on and off Since 2013 – but really got into local classes last year – I tried so hard to like it in the 90s and in 2002 – but avoided it! However – I found my groove with it thanks to a show that came in in 2003 – from Adrienne Reed – and super grateful because her 20 minute shows actually rescued me after a highly (over) productive year in 2012! Amazing what her show did for me in 2013- anyhow – I am not really a yogi at all – but feel addicted to going to classes right now- Lol

                • Thank you for the tip on Adrienne Reed. I will have to check her out. It was the 80s when I started doing serious yoga, but I let the practice drop when ‘life happened.’ I still go back to it now and again, and it is overdue to start up again! You are encouraging me 😉 Yes, too much pep can drown and wear down those who can see through it, too ❤ This is a very busy time for me, and I apologize for not answering yesterday. Snow this weekend looks like a stronger possibility now. Que sera, sera…. ❤ ❤ ❤

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