Wednesday Vignette: Beginnings

January 3, 2016 pots 008


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap

but by the seeds that you plant.”


Robert Louis Stevenson


These aren’t the sort of photos you’ll often see on my pages, but it is a current view of the large pots on our deck.

The ornamental pepper lasted far longer into the early winter than we had any expectation it could last.  And I still am enjoying its bright red seed pods.

And right after taking the photo, I picked a few of the pods and crumbled their seeds into other pots nearby.  We enjoyed a beautiful crop of volunteer pepper plants grown from nature sown seeds last summer.  And so I expect we will again this summer.

You might recognize the baby strawberry plants growing with the pepper in this pot, and there is just the stem of a lemon verbena emerging from a clump of parsley.  Here the remains of one season mingle with the beginnings of next summer’s beauty.

It doesn’t matter to us that it looks a little ragged at the moment.  We choose to see the inherent potential in the soil, the seeds, and those hardy plants prepared to freeze and thaw dozens of times between now and spring.


Purple Sage and Fennel share this pot.

Purple Sage and Fennel share this pot with strawberry, Sedum, and who knows what else?


Appreciation, always, to  Anna at Flutter and Hum for hosting the Wednesday Vignette each week.  Please visit her to see a beautiful photo taken after the ice storm which hit Portland, OR.

Woodland Gnome 2016


Golden Marjoram covers the soil around baby strawberries and a Viola.

Golden Marjoram covers the soil around baby strawberries and a Viola.


“Only those who sow seeds of change

can hope to grow and reap a harvest.”


Andrea Goeglein


December 31, 2016 004


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7 responses to “Wednesday Vignette: Beginnings

  1. From one beginning to another
    This gardening is so full of wonder 🙂

  2. Being able to see potential is a true gift that I wish more people possessed. Like you, I love those red peppers – they truly command your attention!

  3. The red of the peppers is really striking. I planted chili peppers in my flower garden the year before last and had many volunteers this year. If I’d picked all the peppers, I think we would have had a lifetime supply of dried red chili peppers.

    Beautiful seeds and colors and thoughts, WG. 🙂

    • Thank you, Robin. I do the same thing with red chili peppers mixed in among some of the flower beds. Originally, we hoped it would discourage grazing deer. The peppers made little difference, but we enjoy seeing them and enjoy the few we harvest or share. It is so much fun to find the seedlings flourishing in early summer! The red of these peppers is so cheerful against the wintery landscape. Do you still have snow? Hope you are enjoying your first week home, Hugs, WG

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