One Word Photo Challenge: Strawberry

February 3, 2015 strawberry 008


Real strawberries may be months away from ripening in our pots on the deck, yet I’ve found touches of pink and red growing now in our indoor winter garden.

Thank you for coming to enjoy these photos today, inspired by Jennifer Nichole Well’s One Word Photo Challenge:  Strawberry.



This challenge helps us focus on the many beautiful and unusual colors which surround us each day.


This Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera truncata, is so happy in its cool spot near a window that it continues to set buds.

This Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera truncata, is so happy in its cool spot near a window that it continues to set buds.


I found touches of “strawberry” in new growth on our houseplants today, and also in a single Viola blossom in a sheltered area on our still-frozen deck.  I thought you might enjoy it in the same vase photographed last Monday for Cathy’s Vase Challenge.


February 3, 2015 strawberry 016


Although last week’s Violas and snowdrops didn’t stay fresh for the entire week, the two white Hellebore blossoms continue to swell and will open later this week.  Forsythia branches have responded to the warmth indoors and have begun to show color.  The blueberry buds remain tightly closed, which isn’t surprising since they open much later in the spring than the Forsythia in the garden.


February 3, 2015 strawberry 015


While you’re here, I need to share something with you that we learned earlier today.  It seems a neighbor of ours suffered a robbery while he was sleeping last week.  But there were no signs of forced entry.  It was as though the robber somehow had a key…. and the crime remains a mystery so far as has been told to the community.

We heard a related story on our local news this afternoon about a website which allows one to order duplicate keys from a photograph.  Would-be robbers can simply take a photo of your house key with their phone, upload it to a particular website, and order a duplicate key for less than $10.00.


This newly opened Philodendron leaf is nearly 'strawberry'....

This newly opened Philodendron leaf is nearly ‘strawberry’….


As much as we love the conveniences technology offers, now we must all be vigilant and careful with yet another bit of our daily routine.  The days of leaving our keys in plain sight, whether on our desk, clipped to our belt or purse, or even loaned out to a valet or mechanic’s shop, have passed.  Any unscrupulous person may quickly snap a photo and help themselves to duplicates of our keys.

Even a workman coming into our home could quickly snap a photo of our keys left lying on a counter, and then sell our house key and our address.  Please don’t think I’m overly paranoid in sharing this with you.  We just all need to be very smart and mindful in these interesting times in which we live.  We weren’t aware of this  online “service” until we heard the story today; and you may not have heard of it yet, either.


New spring growth on a cane Begonia

New spring growth on a cane Begonia


Here is the story from our local news, and another from New York., which provides this service, offers these safety tips to help you protect yourself from an invasion of your privacy:

  • Keep keys in a pocket, purse, or anything else worthy of guarding your credit cards.
  • Don’t leave your keys unattended, even on your desk at work.
  • Be careful who you let borrow your keys, whether it’s a friend, mechanic or valet. Only hand over the necessary keys, not your whole key-ring.
  • Buy (or have your landlord buy) high security locks
  • Don’t post pictures of your keys on Twitter, Facebook, or other online services.

We have ventured a bit far afield from a photo challenge post today, and I appreciate your patience.  If you were hoping for a bit of poetry, I’m sorry to disappoint.


Our Amaryllis is coming along nicely.

Our Amaryllis is coming along nicely.


Assuming I’m finally able to get out of the house tomorrow, it will be to pick up a quart of strawberries.

And once we have some fresh strawberries in the house, I’ll hope to show you something delicious made with them.  When it’s too wet and cold to dig in the garden, there is always the kitchen to play in…


Ah, June....

Remembering June….


Woodland Gnome 2015


February 3, 2015 strawberry 012

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15 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Strawberry

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  2. Such lovely photos. My goodness, the things we have to be aware of these days. I do appreciate you sharing that information about the keys. My mind just doesn’t work that way and so I probably would not have even thought of something like that.

    • Two of us, Linda. We had no idea until we saw the story today on the news. We’ve learned to shield our credit cards and phones, now we just have to keep the keys securely put away, too. Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for visiting Forest Garden today. Best wishes, WG

  3. Great colored blossoms for the challenge. And thanks for the heads up – one more thing to be vigilant about – why can’t the world just chill out? Oy!

    • “Chill out”, Eliza, really? Do you hear what you’re saying from under your foot of snow 😉 I had no idea a key could be made from a photo until today. Next, you’ll get an email from that key duplication company and “print” your stolen key on your own 3D printer! I guess keys and locks will soon become obsolete…. crazy world! Warm hugs, WG

      • I had no idea about that either until you wrote about it. I just wish the world was a nicer, more loving, trusting place. That’s what I meant by ‘chill out’, a term I picked up from the kids. 😉 I’m told we are moving toward eye iris ID recognition. “Hal… open the pod door, Hal.”

  4. I have a plant my father gave me that looks just like the Christmas cactus, yet I’ve never seen any buds- this makes me curious though. Maybe I need to give it a sunnier home. That vase with the viola is just gorgeous.
    Just the other day I saw a picture on Facebook that someone posted of their new house key and I wondered if something like this was possible. The posting of something like that just seemed unsafe, but I pushed it out of my mind thinking it’s not like someone can make a key from a picture…I guess they can and that’s pretty darn scary.

    • Jenny, I never heard of posting photos of keys until today. What an odd thing to do, but I guess people do all sorts of odd things these days online. Christmas cactus is day-length sensitive. Each cultivar has a particular need for length of light and darkness to set buds. This one lives beside a large window. Buds only set on the side of the plant facing the window. The side facing in towards the lighted room won’t, and so we turn the plant from time to time. They like cool (not cold) conditions, part sun in summer, and I feed mine with Orchid Food in autumn to stimulate flowers. I hope that is enough information for you to coax yours into bloom next year, if not later this spring 😉 Best wishes, WG

      • I didn’t even know what my plant was called, so I really appreciate all this info. I know exactly where to put it now. And I’ll hope for buds/ let you know if I get any.

        I never really thought about posting key pictures but I suppose I can see it as a ‘look I got my first home,’ or ‘ i just moved’ sort of photo… people post images of just about everything!

        • Yes, Jenny, please let me know when your plant forms buds. I use Miracle Grow’s orchid food which is inexpensive, and dissolves easily in water. Won’t your dad be pleased when he sees you’ve gotten the plant he gave you to bloom 😉

          • I just asked him and he didn’t even know it could bloom! Thank you for the advice. I will let you know 🙂

          • I’m a bit late in coming back to this post, but I wanted to let you know that I put my little cactus in direct sunlight (a big window) and I have little pink buds. They’re not as vibrant as yours but I think it needs some more plant food and cooler weather. Still very happy to have some color on it. Thanks for the tip 🙂

            • Jenny, that is wonderful news! I’m so happy to hear you have buds on your cactus! Your dad will be so happy, too, that your plant is ready to bloom. These plants really thrive with regular feedings. Visiting a friend on Thursday, I was amazed that his was covered in white blossoms. It is really late in the season for these guys, who usually bloom in fall and winter. Mine has a few flowers on it still, too. I hope that you will get that level of enjoyment from yours. Best wishes, Jenny, and thank you for sharing the great news ❤ E

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