Spring Wrap

February 4, 2015 scarf 004


This very soft, lightweight spring wrap is crocheted with my current favorite yarn.  This is Red Heart’s Boutique ‘Unforgettable‘ in Tidal.

These ‘Unforgettable’ yarns feel like a soft wool; almost a Mohair blend.  The yarn itself has the sort of loose and variable texture usually found in hand spun yarn.


February 4, 2015 scarf 003


The color palette comes directly from nature.  Tidal reminds me of the layers of color in sea and sky looking out towards the horizon from the beach.

I enjoy handling these soft and colorful yarns in winter, when so much color has drained away from the landscape.  This wrap was worked with a #5 hook, which gives an open and lacy texture.  The design evolves as the piece grows, with only a sketchy idea at the beginning of it.


February 4, 2015 scarf 001


It will go in tomorrow’s mail to a friend who could probably use an extra layer of warmth at the moment.  It is headed north, with a promise that spring isn’t that far behind it.


September 17, 2014 Oregon 252


Woodland Gnome 2015


September 17, 2014 Oregon 201


About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

11 responses to “Spring Wrap

  1. Beautiful wrap! What a lucky friend you have – she will appreciate such a thoughtful gift. Wishing you a speedy spring (no matter what the groundhog says). Blessings! Sarah

    • Thank you for all blessings, Sarah 😉 Have you made anything with this particular yarn yet? Ground hogs are as fickle as cats. We have high hopes for this cold weather to melt away soon. Stay warm 😉 WG

  2. Very pretty, WG. I’ve been absolutely the laziest thing imaginable lately as far as my needlework goes. You really did a great job on this wrap and whoever is the lucky recipient will cherish it, I’m sure.

    • Thank you, Barbara. Does knitting count as exercise on your new gadget? I bet you’re too busy walking to sit still long enough for needlework 😉 Best wishes, WG

      • Well, that’s true! I need to learn to strike a better balance, WG, between everything I enjoy doing. Hope all is well with you and yours.

        • Balance is out of the window here, Barbara 😉 I’m trying to get over this bug so I can finally come your way for the day this weekend. I’ve neglected that front for the last several weeks. I’m still in and taking massive Vit C and all the meds hoping to get the lungs clear again. Then, I’ll follow your good example back out of doors 😉 Thanks for asking- all things in time… WG

  3. What gorgeous colors – they remind me of a summer sea – so lovely! You are so talented!

  4. The wrap is gorgeous, WG! I love the colors, and it looks so warm and soft. The shades of color remind me of the sea, too.

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