July 28, 2015 garden and flier 033


“What inspires you?  What motivates you to keep going? What brings you happiness?”

That is an interesting question.  I believe that each of us is inspired by something deep inside, which keeps nudging us to move forwards. 


July 28, 2015 garden and flier 034


I’m not even certain that we can always put our finger on exactly what that something is, either.  We may tell ourselves it is one thing, when actually it is something else.

Biographies always intrigue me, because the best seek to answer this question.  We humans remain such peculiar creatures.  We will forgo love and nourishment, comfort and even health in pursuit of our passions. 

We make choices whose logic is clear to no one as we continue striving for that elusive something we expect to bring us satisfaction.


July 28, 2015 garden and flier 035


I’ve pursued many peculiar paths during this lifetime.  And many of them I’m pursuing still, falling ever deeper into this rabbit hole or another. 

It is often easier to offer neither explanation nor justification for what we do.  But at some level we hope to articulate these things, at least to ourselves. 

Like a seasoned traveler, we often follow the path not with a particular goal in mind; but rather to see what we will see along the way.


July 20, 2015 garden 005


But at least in the garden, I can tell you that I am inspired by the many small creatures who find sustenance here, and by the sheer beauty of it all. 


July 16, 2015 Hibiscus 026


I appreciate the opportunity to be a participant in the process of creating sustainable habitat for those creatures who are endangered. 

I am endlessly fascinated watching the progress of the seasons; the growth of plants; the comings and goings of frogs and turtles, lizards and butterflies, bees and squirrels.  I’m happy watching roots sprout, leaves unfurl, flowers open, and seedpods ripen.


July 28, 2015 garden and flier 012~

What inspires you?  What beauty touches your heart and ignites your mind?


July 16, 2015 Hibiscus 025


In response to The Daily Post’s

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration 


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2015


July 28, 2015 garden and flier 015

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

11 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Hi WG-
    This is a lovely post that shares the enthusiasm and love you have for nature and all things in your garden. Your words and photos are inspiring.

  2. You and I see the same kind of inspiration. 🙂

  3. True–I never know what will inspire me: elderly people jogging, watching someone free climb, reading a good book, … or seeing the first Monarch of the season. (I’ve seen 3 already, and I’m so excited. I’m ready with 3 types of milkweed and parsley for the caterpillars!)

    • You are the second person this weekend who told me they have spotted a Monarch! That is a great omen, and now I’m expecting to spot our first one any time. They will surely find you with such a selection of host plants 😉 We found caterpillars on our parsley, but so far none on the milkweed. There is still time 😉 Best wishes, and thank you for your ‘follow’, WG ❤

  4. I think my inspiration can be summed up with just one word… SMILE.
    I know how much I need to smile. I don’t need to be enormously happy, I just need to smile.
    I know what a difference it makes to me when I do smile so if I can share a smile or pass a smile on then I’m happy. So it’s quite simple really, I just go through life, as it happens, making as many smiles as I can along the way. 🙂

  5. Beautiful inspiration…I gasped at your hibiscus – gorgeous! I have to tell you that I saw a monarch yesterday and today (probably same one)…I was so excited, I was jumping up and down. 😉 It went through and around the yard so fast that there was no chance of a photo, but I it was a definite ID and I hope there is a mate in the area as well that could create 500 eggs! 🙂

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