July Remembered…..

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Lantana

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Lantana

Here we are in the second week of February, with another major winter storm sweeping across the United States.  Every weather forecast sounds more dire, with snow projections rising and temperatures dropping.

Our neighbors to the south, across Georgia, and the Carolinas, are bracing for another blow of winter snow and ice, having just dug out from the storm two weeks ago.  Normally temperatures are moderating for us here in the Southeast by mid-February.

But, we still had leftover snow in Williamsburg until today, sulking in shady spots and parking lots.  We have two fresh bags of ice-melt stacked in the garage, ready for what is apparently on its way.

July 5 garden at sunset 009

It is time to remember July.  It is time to dig out photos of summer flowers and butterflies, green, leafy trees and a garden alive with activity.  Spring feels very far away at the moment, and I just need a reminder of what lies ahead.  Perhaps, you do too.

A volunteer sunflower, growing happily in a pot from, feeds a happy bee.

A volunteer sunflower, growing happily in a pot from, feeds a happy bee.

So here are some of my favorite photos from last July.  I hope you enjoy a brief  “summer vacation” as much as I do, even as we shiver through this very frigid February.

Stay warm! 

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15 responses to “July Remembered…..

  1. Beautiful pictures – thank you for the inspiration! Time to look for some butterfly plants…

    • You are very welcome, Jen. Those butterfly plants bring hours of happiness watching the butterflies enjoy them. Thank you for all of your likes on Forest Garden 😉 Hope you are safe and warm, Best wishes, WG

  2. Love the swallowtails!! Spring seems far away today, we had 2 inches of snow today and it is still snowing. Between now and Thursday we are expected to have another 14 to 16 inches of snow and maybe a little sleet mixed in. If we get all of this, our total will be 18 inches. We are ready, even if we have a power outage but I sure hope we don’t have a power outage. Looks like we will be stuck on the mountain until is passes.

    I hope you guys are ready too! It will be here soon, stay warm and don’t drive unless you have too! 🙂

    • Michael, I hope you and your family come through this OK. I’m glad you’re hunkered down and ready for what may come. What a mess! We’ve been watching Weather Channel coverage out of
      GA, and how the updates keep changing to make the forecast worse and worse. We heard the Air Force is measuring the storm out in the Gulf as they would for a hurricane.

      We’re set here- although we don’t expect as much snow as you have on the way. Stay safe and warm, and go easy with that snow shove. I hope you’ll stay in touch so long as you have your electricity and computer. WG

    • Did you see the photo of our first snowdrop, taken this afternoon?

  3. Love butterflies. Those swallowtails are gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for the reminders of what we have to look forward to! Stay warm and safe. Sarah

    • Sarah, I hope you are safe and warm. You’re a bit further north than we are, aren’t you? I don’t know how folks around the Lakes are managing with this cold. I’m so glad you enjoyed the brief summer vacation. Best wishes, WG

  5. I can’t wait! 🙂 Those are some gorgeous propositions!

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