Six On Saturday: Blue


There are only so many flowers that appear in shades of blue.


Vinca minor with a daffodil


Pink, white, red, orange, yellow, cream, purple and even green flowers crop up in genus after genus.  But blue flowers are a bit harder to come by.




I love their cool, serene petals.




Blue flowers look good with every shade of green foliage.  They also make an interesting foil for flowers of warmer tones, nearby.



Spring is the best time of year to find flowers of blue,

and I found six, small beauties, to share with you.


Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’


Woodland Gnome 2019

Many thanks to the wonderful ‘Six on Saturday’ meme sponsored by The Propagator.

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11 responses to “Six On Saturday: Blue

  1. Many blue flowers are alternatively blue. For example, in groups of agapanthus, jacaranda and lupine, there are likely to be white mutants.

    • Vinca minor does that, too. We have an area of Vinca where the occasional white flower blooms.

      • The commonness of white variants among blue flowers makes one wonder about the importance of the blue color. Is blue not really as important for attracting pollinators as ultraviolet color that we can not see in the the same blue flowers, or their white counterparts? Are pollinators who are attracted to blue also attracted to white?

        • Wonderful questions! I believe that pollinators see flowers very differently than do we. Our perceptions of ‘blue’ or ‘white’ are likely meaningless to them, as their eyes see what our can’t.

          • I think that if blue were attractive to more pollinators, it would be a more common color for flowers. It is likely an ‘incidental’ color for flowers that use ultraviolet, and maybe infrared.

  2. Beautiful. Pansies never bore me. Then again there are the flowers with blue pollen… thanks WG

  3. I love the six you found and absolutely pretty on the green like that 😉

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