Fabulous Friday: Reading the Leaves


It is possible to ‘read’ a garden much as one would read a book.  A careful glance can give lots of information about what is growing, how healthy it might be, what visitors have stopped by, the recent weather and maybe even the condition of the soil.  What do you read from these photos, taken this evening in our garden?

What you might read is that the gardener has been a bit inattentive, lately.  Do you see the vine that doesn’t belong?

These are photos of our Muscadine grapes.  Did you notice the tiny grapes already beginning to grow?  But, I noticed tonight, that Virginia creeper is trying to colonize this patch of grapes.  The vine with compound leaves, five to a cluster, is our native Virginia creeper.  It is a vigorous grower and can colonize a tree, if no one notices and cuts it back.



Early summer is a time of vigorous growth.  The warmth and frequent rain, these last few weeks, have nurtured all of the green growing things into exceptional exuberance.  I’ve been pulling Virginia creeper off the house, out of shrubs, out of beds and even out of the grapes here this week.  But, it’s obvious I missed some!

Virginia creeper is a pretty vine, provides food and shelter for wildlife, and turns brilliant scarlet in October.   Birds spread its seeds around.   But it scrambles so quickly over other plants that we are always on the lookout for it, to keep it in bounds.


Can you ‘read the leaves’ here to see what might be pruned out? There is blackberry taking off to the bottom left, and a tendril of Japanese honeysuckle winding around a stem. Both are invasive plants that crowd out more desirable ones, like the Asclepias nearly ready to bloom.


Of course, wild grapes are growing pretty enthusiastically this week, too.  If you have somewhere they can grow, they are a great food source for wildlife.  Your birds will love you if you give them a good patch of grapes.

But moving around the garden, I find them growing in places where they can harm other plants, too.  This week I’ve been on the lookout for these vines, and for blackberry brambles, to cut these thugs back where they aren’t wanted, before they take over!

That is why it is good to ‘read the leaves’ as we move around the garden.  We can see situations as they arise and nip them back right away… at least in theory!


What do you read, here? How many different herbs can you count?


I love this time of fast growth and re-appearance of favorite plants.  We are settled in to true summer now, and the plants have shown their dedication to becoming their best selves.

The lavender is blooming, finally, and all of the herbs show new growth at last.  The Basil is expanding, coming into bloom, and the butterfly bushes are covered in buds.



I’m occupied daily now with weeding and deadheading, cutting back, and of course, lots of planting.  It is soul satisfying work. 


Caladium ‘Highlighter’ with C. ‘Chinook’


We are  still  in  process  of  creating  the  garden .  The  choices that  we  make  now  will  determine  how  our  garden  grows for  the  season  ahead.  How  fabulous  to work  with  nature’s  creativity  day  by  day .



Woodland Gnome 2018

Fabulous Friday:  Happiness is contagious. 

Let’s infect one another!



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