Christmas Eve Wishes


December 21, 2015 flowers 029


May you dream

Without limit or doubt;

May you make something beautiful

That  couldn’t exist until you made it;

May you be loved, and may you

Have people to love in return;

May you be wise;

May you always be kind;

And may you have a healthy

And prosperous New Year!


December 13, 2015 CW 147



Woodland Gnome 2015

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

11 responses to “Christmas Eve Wishes

  1. What a beautiful Christmas blessing! Hope you had a wonderful, peace-filled season. -Sarah

  2. Beautiful message and photos. Hope your day and New Year are filled with peace and joy!

  3. What a lovely wish! All Blessings to you and S.

    • A blessed Yalda and Merry Yule to you, M. Your magical ointment made S’s day yesterday! Thank you for preparing that for him. We had a beautiful Christmas Eve visit with you mom and her partner last evening, and she brought him the tin of it you sent. Thank you, too, for your beautiful Stollen. We look forward to sampling it! I made 7 loaves of Stollen bread yesterday for friends, too. The house smells so wonderful as they bake! Love to you and yours today, and everyday. Hope you have a great time with the little ones! WG

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