Weekly Photo Challenge: Appreciation for Windows

January 14 orchid 003

Jewel orchid lives in this spot on the windowsill year round, and blooms for several months each winter.

January 14 orchid 006

Jewel orchid thrives in the the medium to low light received from this window. It gets the sunset light each day, filtered through shrubs growing on the other side of the glass.

Windows are especially appreciated in January.  Tightly sealed against wet and cold, light still pours through, feeble and cool as it is many days, giving life to the plants clustered nearby.

Although this window faces northwest, it captures enough light to bring the orchids back into bloom.  The wind can blow, the ground can freeze; so long as sunlight reaches our windows, we carry on inside as though it were springtime already.

The plants wintering inside accept each photon that reaches their leaves with gratitude.  The windows stand bare and open to the winter sun, a blessing to each of us.

Orchid at night

Orchid at night

Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

January 14 orchid2 005

Weekly Photo Challenge

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