WPC: Twinkle In Glass

December 12, 2014 ornaments 019


We bring these hand blown glass ornaments out early in December each year, to hang on our Norfolk Island Pine, draped in white twinkle lights.


December 12, 2014 ornaments 020


Most of these ornaments are from the Glass Eye Studio out of  Seattle, Washington.  I’ve added a few ornaments, hand blown in Portugal, to our collection in recent years.


December 12, 2014 ornaments 021


We love how these glass ornaments catch and reflect both sunlight and twinkle lights.

We enjoy them all winter, until the weather has settled enough for the tree to return to its spot out of doors in the spring.


December 12, 2014 ornaments 022


Woodland Gnome 2014


In response to The Weekly Photo Challenge:  Twinkle

Have you made a wreath for the holidays? 

Please share photos in our Holiday Wreath challenge! 

I will put together a post early next week with photos you send me or a link back to your blog post about your Christmas wreath and other holiday decorations. 

Join in this Christmas “blog hop” and share the beauty you have created this Christmas season.

Please create a link back to any of my posts about the challenge, or email your photos to woodlandgnome@zoho.com. 



Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

December  11, 2014 cold 078


“As visual creatures, we are drawn to light.

For thousands of years, we’ve gathered around fires in the darkness, soothed by the glow of embers, and warmed by the dance of the flames. We revel in the sunshine of summertime. The sparkle of gemstones or moonlight on water inspires us to poetry.

The ceremonial use of light has been practiced for centuries, by many religions and for many different kinds of celebrations.

We love the light.  This week, share with us your photos of twinkling light.”

       –The Daily Post 12/12/2014


December  11, 2014 cold 079


Sunrise and sunset take on special meaning in winter, when our days grow short.

The play of light against the darkness fills us with optimism and joy.


December  11, 2014 cold 084


Even a tiny glimmer of light will dispel the darkness.


December  11, 2014 cold 073


But when light is alive and dancing, we see it twinkle.


December  11, 2014 cold 076


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

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