Octob 14 shelf fungus 001

A Passionflower nodding out of a peach tree?


Octob 14 shelf fungus 002

How could that be?


September 24 2013 garden 020

A wider perspective

September 7 garden 010

What an amazing vine, and what a beautiful surprise so late in the season.  Passiflora incarnata is naturalized all over the southeastern United States.   This perennial vine has had a phenomenal season, growing many many feet to first cover the deer fence, and now climb the peach tree. 


August 15 2013 flowers 014

The plant, dried, has been used to make tea.  It has a calming effect and can help treat insomnia. 

Native Americans and early settlers ate the fruit out of hand as you might an apple.  The fruit is still enjoyed today.  It is sometimes made into juice, and that juice can be cooked into jam and jelly.  Mostly, its flower brings a smile with its wild form and bright colors.  Especially when its found peeking out of a peach tree. 


August 15 2013 flowers 015

A serendipity:  A happy, unexpected surprise.

All photos by Woodland Gnome 2013


Just a “Split Second…”

Is it a peony?  Not in October, and not growing on a delicate vine with heart shaped leaves.  This is a morning glory, believe it or not.  Park Seed introduced this Ipomoea nil “Split Second”, just a few years ago.  I found it while browsing their spring catalog this past winter.  It was an impulse … Continue reading

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