Sunday Dinner: Connection



“Pull a thread here

and you’ll find it’s attached

to the rest of the world.”


Nadeem Aslam




“We are one knot in a great web of being,

building out of the vast past and (with luck)

continuing billions of years into the future,

until the sun dies, the last of its energy reaches Earth,

and our local light goes out.

The most appropriate response to the world

is to realize, with awe, the ferocious mystery

of being alive in it. And act accordingly.

The worst thing anyone should be able to say

about their life is also the greatest thing anyone can say:

“I tried my best.”


Carl Safina




Photos by Woodland Gnome 2016

Wordless Wednesday

August 24, 2016 Caladiums 005
“It is good to love many things,
for therein lies the true strength,
and whosoever loves much performs much,
and can accomplish much,
and what is done in love is well done.”
Vincent van Gogh


August 24, 2016 Caladiums 014


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2016

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