The First Blossom of Spring

February 11 2014 snowdrop 001

First snowdrop of spring

Emerging from frozen Earth

More will follow soon

As we watch this storm full of ice and snow sweep across the United States, drawing ever closer to home, we remember all of those who are under this wave of severe cold and extreme weather, here and around the world.

May all be safe and warm.  May all have food and shelter,  and have help when they need it. And, may all be surrounded with a loving community, working together, to minimize the impacts on every family.   We’ve seen the flooding in the British Isles, and crippling ice storms in Europe.  We have seen the terrible drought and heat plaguing Australia.  We know of the intense cold and historic snow in northern regions of the United States, and the ice storms rolling across Georgia, North and South Carolina this afternoon.  May we all weather these storms, and emerge stronger and wiser for the experience.

Please remember to keep your beautiful pets indoors, check on loved ones, and reach out to neighbors in need.

February 11 2014 snowdrop 004

Spring is already stirring, and this winter of 2014 is nearly past.

Woodland Gnome 2014

February 11 2014 snowdrop 005

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