Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

September 17, 2014 Oregon 127


One of the thousands of gulls who kept company with me while I visited the Oregon coast, this one embodies peace in the midst of turmoil. 

The Pacific roars and crashes around us.  The gull keeps his balance and equanimity as waves come and go around the rock where he anchors.

Here on the edge of the continent, at sunset, on the cusp of autumn; the gulls gather to share their simple wisdom with whomever will notice them.


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014


September 17, 2014 Oregon 218

One Word Photo Challenge: Minimalist




December 13 2013 poinsettias 003

Holiday Wreath Challenge 2014

WPC: Endurance

September 17, 2014 Oregon 113


The sun, the sea, and the Earth




September 17, 2014 Oregon 023


Wave follows upon wave

Through  perpetual tides of change:

Coming in, flowing out,



September 17, 2014 Oregon 201


Deeper now, then shallow pools

Left in naked sand.



September 17, 2014 Oregon 204


Mighty basalt rocks stand since before

The times of man,

Testament that the Earth endures.


September 17, 2014 Oregon 186


Worn now, and rounded;

Encased in barnacle and mussel, 

Ornamented by algae,




September 17, 2014 Oregon 184


Holding microcosms of the sea;

Buffeted by endless waves

For countless days,

Filling uncounted years.



September 17, 2014 Oregon 125


Sentinels still standing watch along the coast,

As sun rises, blazes, passes overhead, and sets.



September 17, 2014 Oregon 011


The sun, sea and Earth endure

As tides of life swim, walk, crawl, and fly

Between sand and sky.


September 17, 2014 Oregon 028


Steadfast endurance

Through every tide of every season,

Day and night,

Timeless beyond our reckoning.


September 17, 2014 Oregon 026


Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

All Photos taken on the Oregon coast.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance


Anti-Freeze Feet

January 9 2014 ice on Parkway 110

Great Blue Heron wading along College Creek

Have you ever wondered how the birds do it?

January 9 2014 ice on Parkway 019

Sea gulls on a sand bar in the James River

How they stay out in the cold,

day after day after night,

and don’t freeze?

January 9 2014 ice on Parkway 004

Canada Geese in Halfway Creek

How high must their metabolism burn?

What anti-freeze could possibly run through their wings and feet?

January 9 2014 ice on Parkway 106

I wonder as I watch them

wade through icy water;

Sea gulls in a marsh by Jamestown Island

Sea gulls in a marsh by Jamestown Island

As they stand unruffled and unmoved in the winter wind.

Redtailed Hawk

Redtailed Hawk

Their eyes ever watchful for the next bite of food;

floating, flying, crawling, swimming, dangling, buried in mud;

Red Tailed Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk

their patience unparalleled as they wait out winter,

finely tuned to survival.

January 4 ice 053

What titanium will to greet yet another frost rimmed sunrise;

Ducks in College Creek

Ducks in College Creek

What optimism to date and mate in this frozen wintery world,

trusting spring will come before chicks hatch with hungry cries.

Red Winged Black Birds

Red Winged Blackbirds

Gathering sociably on ice, wading through the frozen marsh,

January 7 ice on beach 030

clinging to the highest points of windswept trees,

their sharp taloned feet, covered in thick bird flesh scales,

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

immune to the cold.  Gripping, balancing, grabbing;

an act of pure will.

January 9 2014 ice on Parkway 041

Paddling, wading; webbed feet of

waterfowl immersed in frigid brine.

Sea gulls

Sea gulls

How is it possible that human flesh,

so prone to frostbite,

could not last an hour;  let alone a season?

Flock of Canada Geese flying in formation

Flock of Canada Geese flying in formation

A precious gift from Creator:

Anti-freeze feet.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Photos and Words by Woodland Gnome 2014

Bringing Birds to the Garden

What’s There to Eat?

Wild Ice

Why Do Ducks Not Get Frostbite?  (Arts and Crafts For Retirees)

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