April 21, 2014 hypertufa pot and pedastal 009


Reflecting every photon of light,

Shining clean and pristine

From dawn until touched

Only by twilight and moonlight.

 April 9 2014 buds 067


Almost translucent

silent presence;

April 19, 2014 wisteria 124

White on green

Upon green

Upon verdant newness

Of leaves and grass.


Blackberries in bloom along the Colonial Parkway.

Brightest of flowers

Blooming in the forest:


April 19, 2014 wisteria 067

Dogwood, blackberry, Magnolia,

Mountain laurel, bloodroot

Trillium, Tiarella, turtlehead

Wild rose on thorny stem.

 April 16, 2014 dogwood 007

Moongarden moonflowers

Call me out of doors

On warm fragrant evenings

April 9 2014 buds 082

To sit with the moths,

Watching for lightening bugs

Illuminating the night;

Like white.

April 19, 2014 wisteria 065

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

April 19, 2014 wisteria 097

National Poetry Writing Month

If You Would Know Love, Know April



Life Bursting


What is Popping Up?


Forest Garden

April 19, 2014 wisteria 095





Forest Garden

April 13 hypertufa pot 038

Forest Garden

Nestled beneath old trees,

ground blanketed by bark and  mouldering leaves,

A thousand creatures call you home.


April 13 hypertufa pot 022

Slow calls of owls at twilight,

Clicks and chirps of cardinals at dusk,

Birdsong permeates the garden from before first light

Until the frogs take over the tune at night.


A male cardinal surveys his garden.

The web of life weaves intricate patterns here

From Earth and sky, twig and herb, stone and water

Pooling after a storm.



April 15 2014 ferns 012

Turtles dig their nests in the borders,

And lightning fast lizards scuttle

Behind flower pots on the patio. 


April 14, 2014 herbs 003


Bats fill the evening sky,

Feasting on the rich abundance of gnats and “no-see-ums”

Hovering in the air.



April 16, 2014 dogwood 004

Flashes of color everywhere:

Green dragonfly, Golden bee, Bluebird-



Oct. 2 2013 surprise lily 004

Butterflies fill the air

Exploring the feast laid before them;

A banquet of flowers.


April 16, 2014 dogwood 010

Forest Garden,

Patchwork of sun and shade,

Shifting with each breeze and each hour

From first light to last.

Patchwork of moonlight and shadow,

Moonlit gardens glowing, exuding that special

Night time fragrance which calls to Luna Moths.


April 13 hypertufa pot 016

Dry grey twigs burst open,

Covering themselves in bright flowers

And  jewel-toned tiny leaves.


April 13 hypertufa pot 037

Muddy Earth cracks as ferns unfurl,

Leaves push up from the ground tenaciously

To begin another season of living.


April 16, 2014 dogwood 015

Wildflowers appear overnight,

Mushrooms materialize on the forest floor after a rain,

Thick green moss carpets the ground, unplanned and unplanted:

Gifts of the Forest.


April 9 2014 buds 039

Never the same one moment to the next,

Always shifting, changing, growing, evolving

In a delirious dervish dance of living life.

Forest Garden


April 16, 2014 dogwood 006


Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014


National Poetry Writing Month

If You Would Know Love, Know April



Life Bursting


What is Popping Up?







Moon Gazing

April 10 Caladiums 021


Impartial moonlight,

You illuminated snowflakes;

Now spring’s first blossoms.


April 10 Caladiums 026


Pearlescent countenance,

Peering from our twilit sky,

You know no seasons.


April 10 Caladiums 022


Lady of the night,

Always watching from afar,

A distant companion.


April 10 Caladiums 025


How can you know us?

You never see blooms unfold

Nor hear frogs’ sweet songs



April 10 Caladiums 024


Vibrating through the night.

Like a tide, we are drawn to you,

But you feel us not.


Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

National Poetry Writing Month

If You Would Know Love, Know April



Life Bursting


What is Popping Up?

What’s Popping Up?

April 9 2014 buds 103


What is that popping up from the ground? 

Have you wandered outside lately, looking down and around?


April 9 2014 buds 083


It might surprise you to see what new life  is unfolding,

Or to notice wildflowers boldly growing

Where there’s not yet been mowing.


April 9 2014 buds 043


Spring’s  a bit wild, a bit wooly;

Unexpected, untidy….


April 9 2014 buds 041

Winter’s neatness mussed up

With  random greening which hides it.

April 9 2014 buds 065


Like a child not yet trained to color within  the lines,

Springtime’s exuberance comes in spurts, and at odd times.


April 9 2014 buds 076

Random flowers pop out of the grass,

Unplanted, untended, almost magically fast.

April 9 2014 buds 031


So keep a sharp eye on the trees and the ground,

Don’t ever miss springtime pulling colors from brown.


April 9 2014 buds 023

This mystery unfolds once every year,

But to appreciate the beauty,

BE  fully here;

April 9 2014 buds 016


Watching and listening, sniffing and touching,


April 9 2014 buds 101

If you don’t look for beauty,

You might miss it, while rushing.

April 9 2014 buds 085

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014

April 9 2014 buds 094


National Poetry Writing Month

If You Would Know Love, Know April



Life Bursting



April 1 2014 garden 078




Spaces for comings

And goings.


 March 27, 2014 parkway 040


Open or shy,



April 1 2014 garden 091




Sans le savoir;


March 27, 2014 parkway 072


All speak.

With or without words,

With or without breath;


 April 1 2014 garden 013


All invite.

With or without eyes,

The invitation to know



 April 1 2014 garden 031



It is a mystery

How our awareness draws meaning from

Curve and angle, orifice and orb.


 March 23, 2014 parkway and flowers 019


Our mind creates the personalities;

Endless narratives spin and swirl,

Like moving pictures on a silvery screen.


 March 31 birds 013


(Our awareness the light,

Our mind the lens)


 March 23, 2014 parkway and flowers 033



We look to the face to connect,

To relate,

To recognize,

And to know recognition.


 April 1 2014 garden 025



(Perhaps most, hoping, searching

To find recognition…)


 April 1 2014 garden 089





Basis for knowing.


 April 1 2014 garden 017


(Screen or mirror?)


Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome 2014


April 1 2014 garden 028

National Poetry Writing Month


April 1 2014 garden 051

Afternoon sun

Slowly sliding down the trunks

Of distant trees,

Minutes measured by branches.

April 1 2014 garden 046

Golden rays illuminating

Each fragile petal like Templar Glass.

Golden light,

Illuminating golden petals;

Gilding each leaf and branch

For a moment only,

Before greeting the horizon

Like a dearly loved friend.

April 1 2014 garden 060

Retiring  so slowly, so silently;

Yet allowing twilight

To linger in the garden,

For a while longer,

With me.

April 1 2014 garden 050


Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome  2014

All photos taken in my neighbors’ garden

April 1 2014 garden 044

National Poetry Writing Month

If You Would Know Love, Know April

April 1 2014 garden 009

If you would know love,

know April,

When the whole Earth unfolds under

The touch of a loving sun.

April 1 2014 garden 084

Not so hot it burns,

Nor so distant its touch is barely felt;

In April, the sun is a welcome companion.

Coming a bit closer each day,

Its presence felt like a warm hand

Reaching out, gently-



Coaxing a frozen landscape into

Covering itself in a million trillion


April 1 2014 garden 093

In April, the breeze stirs, fragrant and soft,

Over thawing Earth, rich with life and possibilities.

April 1 2014 garden 013

Winter dreams manifest as growing reality,

Seed coats splitting apart, allowing root and shoot

to reach beyond their imagining.

April 1 2014 garden 091

If you would know love, know April.

Words and Photos by Woodland Gnome, 2014

April 1 2014 garden 008

National Poetry Writing Month



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