One Word Photo Challenge: Glitter

April 21, 2014 hypertufa pot and pedastal 006

Shiny, glittery, glass  adorns this new installation in our garden.

The stump at the center of our  “stump garden” has been transformed into a pedestal to hold this hypertufa trough, adorned with the same glass beads and scallop shells.

April 21, 2014 hypertufa pot and pedastal 007

There is a little glitz in the forest to catch the light as the sun passes overhead each day, and to reflect the moonlight at night.

April 21, 2014 hypertufa pot and pedastal 004


We welcome the elves, fairies, and elementals who live in the garden, and appreciate their participation in its growth.  We create this little spot of glittering beauty, in hopes it pleases and attracts them.

The Flower Fairies for M Lady Tara

In spring the fairies cultivate
their favourite flowers carefully.
The beauty we appreciate
can’t happen accidentally.
The fairies know each flowers needs
and cater for them properly.
Though sprung from bulbs and corms and seeds
They tend them individually.
Though most adults can only see,
the blossoms which the fairies tend.
A poet might just possibly
observe some tiny fairy friend.
Children have no difficulty
they see the fairies easily.

ivor .e hog

With Appreciation to Jennifer Nichole Wells  for hosting the Weekly One Word Photo Challenge







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