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September 4, 2015 garden 008


What are the connections between our garden and the creatures who visit it? 

And how can we increase the rich diversity of life in our gardens by the way we manage it, and by which plants we choose to nurture?


August 30, 2015 garden 020


I suppose one can spend a lifetime exploring these ideas.  Perhaps the answers continue to  change as we, the gardeners, evolve; as we find ourselves more connected to the rhythms of our gardens.


August 29, 2015 turtle 025~

And perhaps the answers continue to change as our gardens evolve and grow into the fullness of their possibilities.


August 30, 2015 garden 025~

Our understanding grows as we experiment and observe.


August 29, 2015 garden at dusk 020


Maybe our invitation to life expands as we understand the rich connections between fungi and plant, insect and bird, seed and soil, leaf and larvae, flower and butterfly.  We see how we are all connected to the sun, and the same water fills all of our living cells.


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There comes a point, for some of us, where we focus more on which species we hope to include, than on those we try to exclude.

Insects no longer appear as the enemy, and what was once weed finds its place in our tapestry as a valued perennial.


August 30, 2015 garden 032~

If you’ve studied yoga, perhaps you remember that more than exercise, it is about joining things together:  body and breath, mind and body, breath and thought.

Could there be a yoga of gardening?


August 29, 2015 turtle 019~

A spiritual science of understanding the subtle connections between the elements we once believed to be separate and discrete?


August 30, 2015 garden 024~

Inspired by the Daily Post’s

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected


August 29, 2015 turtle 007~

Woodland Gnome 2015



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