Sunday Dinner: Cycles


“Every good thing comes to some kind of end,
and then the really good things
come to a beginning again.”
Cory Doctorow



“Time has a way of eternally looping us
in the same configurations.
Like fruit flies, we are unable to register the patterns.
Just because we are the crest of the wave
does not mean the ocean does not exist.
What has been before will be again.”
Tanya Tagaq



“It’s all a series of serendipities
with no beginnings and no ends.
Such infinitesimal possibilities
Through which love transcends.”
Ana Claudia Antunes



“What was scattered
What was gathered
blows away.”



“I think that to one in sympathy with nature,
each season, in turn,
seems the loveliest.”
Mark Twain



Photos by Woodland Gnome 2019



“People can’t live with change
if there’s not a changeless core
inside them.”
Stephen R. Covey


About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

6 responses to “Sunday Dinner: Cycles

  1. Beautiful autumn post– the colors are glowing!

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you, Eliza. Snow in our forecast for tomorrow…. can you believe snow so early in Virginia??? We're trying to take it all in today, before the weather tomorrow changes everything…

  2. Lovely post! I hope you are having a blessed season.

  3. Monica MacAdams

    Everything you do is so beautiful! Please never come to my garden or you will throw me off your site,

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