Six On Saturday: Autumn’s Passing Beauty

The Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy, Lincoln City, OR


Autumn’s passing beauty shines for such a short time.  Like the green flash of a sunset, you must watch for it; wait for it, celebrate it.


Mexican bush sage, Salvia leucantha, blooms at Bear Valley Nursery, Lincoln City, OR.


The allee of crimson maple trees lining Rt. 18 that had thrilled me as I passed McMinnville, Oregon, on my way to the coast, had already dropped many of their leaves, and were left standing in their bare, structural glory, by the time I returned by the same way, a little more than a week later.


Rose hips ripen near Siletz Bay


But a bit further down the road, the richly green tunnel of trees I drove through near the Salmon River had transformed into a shimmering golden stretch, where hardwoods mixed in with the ubiquitous conifers had turned from green to gold during my visit.

It was raining the morning I left.  A storm was moving in, bringing cold winds where I had enjoyed calm sunny days.  I wonder whether those golden leaves still cloak the trees?


The Connie Hansen Garden


I found rich color everywhere I went, from orange rose-hips to crimson viburnum offering up a final flush of blooms.  Browning ferns rose above blackberry vines, some with the last ripe berries of the season still clinging to their canes.


The garden at Mossy Creek Pottery


How much beauty do we pass by every day, lost in our thoughts and our routines?

When we take a moment, take a breath and see; we find our world richly colored and filled with beauty.  It feels all the sweeter in late October, in the brief moment before it is swept away by winter’s chilling winds.


Viburnum blooms one last time for the year at the Connie Hansen Garden


Woodland Gnome 2019

Many thanks to the wonderful ‘Six on Saturday’ meme sponsored by The Propagator


Viburnum mariesii


All photos from Lincoln City, OR

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One response to “Six On Saturday: Autumn’s Passing Beauty

  1. I am sorry I missed all these last week.
    I was not aware that Mexican blue sage lived there. It can be damaged by frost even here. I happen to remember the maples of the region because they are uncommon here.

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