Sunday Dinner: Resilience


“A good half of the art of living
is resilience.”
Alain de Botton
“No matter how you define success,
you will need to be resilient,
empowered, authentic,
and limber to get there.”
Joanie Connell
“I will not be another flower,
picked for my beauty and left to die.
I will be wild,
difficult to find,
and impossible to forget.”
Erin Van Vuren
“Never say that you can’t do something,
or that something seems impossible,
or that something can’t be done,
no matter how discouraging
or harrowing it may be;
human beings are limited only
by what we allow ourselves to be limited by:
our own minds.
We are each the masters of our own reality;
when we become self-aware to this:
absolutely anything in the world is possible.

Master yourself,

and become king of the world around you.
Let no odds, chastisement, exile,
doubt, fear, or ANY mental virii
prevent you from accomplishing your dreams.
Never be a victim of life;
be it’s conqueror.”
Mike Norton
“to be successful,
you have to be out there,
you have to hit the ground running”
Richard Branson
“One’s doing well
if age improves even slightly
one’s capacity to hold on to that vital truism:
“This too shall pass.”
Alain de Botton
“In the face of adversity,
we have a choice.
We can be bitter, or we can be better.
Those words are my North Star.”
Caryn Sullivan
Photos by Woodland Gnome 2019
“Grief and resilience live together.”
Michelle Obama
“On the other side of a storm
is the strength
that comes from having navigated through it.
Raise your sail and begin.”
Gregory S. Williams



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