Six on Saturday: The Greening of the World


“I can breathe where there is green.

Green grows hope.

It keeps my heart beating

and helps me remember

who I am.”

Courtney M. Privett


The first daffodils of spring opened in our forest garden yesterday.


Watching the greening of the world each spring never fails to fill me with appreciation to live in such a beautiful place.  How many people live in cities or arid lands that remain clothed in shades of grey and brown throughout the year?

Without winter, I’m not sure that I would appreciate the living greens of February so much.  At the moment, every emerging leaf and stem excites me.

I want to photograph them and watch their daily progress as new growth emerges from woody stems and muddy earth.



Green is the color of life, of growth, of change.  The simple chemistry of transforming sunlight into living bio-energy happens only in the green.  The alchemy of transforming polluted air into pure; the creation of oxygen to fill our every breath requires green leaves to filter every inhalation of breath we take.  Green sustains our lives even as it soothes our spirit.



This is the season when the first tentative bits of green re-appear from the warming Earth.  Perennials re-awaken and stretch folded leaves and lengthening stems, reaching for sunlight and warmth.  Moss plumps and spreads,  tiny weeds and blades of grass sprout from patient seeds.

I am glad to find them all, encouraged at the stubbornness and determination of greening life to prevail over the forces of darkness.  The old and rotting will be swept away to return to the compost pile of history, releasing its remaining energy to fuel what is vital and new.



“Pursue some path,

however narrow and crooked,

in which you can walk with love and reverence.”

Henry David Thoreau


Woodland Gnome 2019



“Green is the soul of Spring.

Summer may be dappled with yellow,

Autumn with orange and Winter with white

but Spring is drenched with the colour green.”

Paul Kortepeter

About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

3 responses to “Six on Saturday: The Greening of the World

  1. My city (that I sadly live outside of) is not gray or brown, but is much greener than the chaparral region is it located in would be naturally. There is more vegetation and big trees there now than there has ever been. The entire Santa Clara Valley as well as the Los Angeles region is like that. Because of the mild weather they are very green throughout the year.

  2. No surprise, green is my favorite color. 🙂 Your photos are previews of coming attractions for us in two months time. Soon!

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