Fabulous Friday: Summer Rain

Colocasia ‘Black Coral’ glows after a rain shower.


As the early summer rain continues to fall in fits, drizzles and passing storms, I am enjoying a rare quiet day at home, chased inside from any major gardening tasks by the weather.  The forays outside have been brief thus far today, and usually ended with me left feeling soggy from the humidity or a sudden shower.


Ferns and hardy Begonias enjoy our damp weather.


I woke this morning concerned about all of the little plants in their nursery pots, still waiting to be planted out.  I thought of how soggy their roots must be and rushed outside to move them as needed and empty standing water that had collected overnight.

Soggy roots can mean sudden death for many plants that need a bit of air in their soil.  That set me to puttering about with pots and baskets and a few strategic transplanting jobs.


Rose scented Pelargonium likes room for its roots to breathe.


I am especially concerned for the Caladiums still growing on in their bins.  It is one of those tasks that gets more difficult the longer one procrastinates.  While I wait for the new ones, ordered this spring to emerge, the ones grown from over-wintered bulbs have gotten huge and leggy; their roots entangled.  But the wet soil and frequent showers give me reason to wait another day for more transplanting.



What won’t wait is our annual dance with the bamboo grove in the ravine.  Bamboo is considered a grass, but what a stubborn and determined force of nature it as proven to be in our garden!  Though we didn’t plant it, we admire it and appreciate its beauty.

But that beauty is expected to stay within reasonable bounds.  The bamboo disagrees, determinedly marching up the slope of our garden towards the house.  It sends out small scouting sprouts ahead of its main force.  We must stay on top of these year round, as they seek to colonize every bed and pathway.  The bamboo’s main assault begins in late April, as its new stalks emerge.



We allow a certain number of these to grow each spring, and it seems that we give up another few feet of garden to the ‘bamboo forest’ with each passing year.  What would happen if we were away in May?  Could we find the house when we returned?

Every day we seek out and remove the new bamboo stalks growing in spots we cannot allow.  The squirrels appreciate our efforts, and feast on the broken shoots we leave for them.



And so it was that we were out early this morning, me with the pots and saucers, and attacking the new bamboo that emerged over night.  This constant stream of moisture has encouraged its audacity.

As we made another tour of the garden during a break in the rain this afternoon, my partner called me over to see one of our garden visitors.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


She was hiding under a very large sage plant.  At least I hope she was hiding, and had not dug a nest to lay her eggs.

The turtles like our garden.  We find them resting in the greenness of forgotten places, and try to always give them their peace.  They repay us by eating their share of bugs each day.



But just as I settled in to re-plant another pot or two with Caladiums, the brief sunshine was blotted out by another passing, rain soaked cloud.  Large cold drops of rain splattered down much quicker than I expected, leaving me all wet once again.



And so there is nothing to do but enjoy the luxury of a rainy afternoon indoors.  The coffee is made, and I’ll soon be off to enjoy a good book with the cat curled up by my feet.



Woodland Gnome 2018


Fabulous Friday:  Happiness is contagious; let’s infect one another!

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5 responses to “Fabulous Friday: Summer Rain

  1. Just this past weekend my neighbor’s dog brought me a present and as he plopped it on the ground, to my shock, it was a turtle! Thankfully he was still alive! I brought him over to my yard to give him a fighting chance! I also came across a frog today! Looks like all kinds of creatures are showing up! Bamboo as a fence is so smart! Maybe one day you will have enough to make things with! 🙂

  2. It rained here today too! I can imagine how invasive bamboo can be. Have you made anything with them? I would love to have bamboo just so I can make stuff! I wish the turtles would come to my garden to snack on the slugs! Your garden is beautiful! Have a great weekend and enjoy the rain! Koko 🙂

    • Thank you, Koko. It is a beautiful rainy weekend, and I am still loving the rain. We had such a dry spell this spring that it is a great relief to hydrate the soil before summer’s heat sets in for good. I won’t be out watering for a good long while, it seems! We have lots of little lizards, too, that run around everywhere… so cute… and at least 2 box turtles living in the garden. They are fun to watch and do help with the bugs and slugs. We rarely cut the bamboo; only if one is in danger of falling from too much ice or rain. We probably could make all sorts of interesting things from them, but prefer to leave them standing as part of the barriers to keep the deer out of the garden from their run in the ravine. Thank you for stopping by FG. Have a wonderful, if wet, weekend ❤ ❤ ❤

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