Fabulous Friday: In Bloom



This time of year we linger along the drive, admiring the garden in bloom.  Stately Iris stand tall, their long bloom stalks clothed in fragrant blues and golds and purples and whites.



The Siberian Iris bloomed yesterday… literally.  In the early morning there was a single bud unfolding.  By mid-day, there was a bouquet of intense blue.  The garden is unfolding so quickly this week that if you stand still for more than a few breaths, it has changed before your wondering eyes.


Siberian Iris, a gift from a gardening friend.


Imagine my surprise to notice the plump, unmistakable buds of an Amaryllis emerging from the Earth on Monday.


Amaryllis, Hippeastrum SA ‘Graffiti’


We enjoy Amaryllis in winter, when little else will bloom.  They comfort us through the dull wet days of February from their pot on the dining table.

And then, I like to plant the bulbs out into the perennial beds in March, and hope to see them again sometime, if they survive.  So it was that I planted out a half dozen bulbs the spring before last.  And I never remembered to dig them and bring them in last fall… a seasonal casualty of letting myself become distracted, perhaps…


And the Amaryllis “Graffitti’ survived our very long, cold winter, rewarding our neglect with these beautiful blooms, this first week of May.  Sometimes unlikely pleasures feel the most satisfying.


Azalea, some of the few buds left to us by the hungry deer, this spring.


When you come to think of it, flowers erupting from plants frozen and dormant just a few weeks ago is a rather unlikely prospect.  After all they’ve been through, they’d be forgiven for sulking a bit and basking in this new-found warmth before performing.

But no, they are eager to get on with it!  Our garden woodies and perennials live to bloom, and then perhaps to set seeds.  We are all interested in the next generation, now, aren’t we?


Mountain Laurel, one of our native shrubs


Or is it just the pleasure of hosting bees and hummingbirds that motivates these outrageous blooms?  There is nothing particularly shy about an Amaryllis, or an Iris.   And for this, we are grateful as we celebrate their season of bloom.


Iris, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ (reblooming)


And so we linger as we come and go on our daily errands.  And we find reason to wander in the garden, watering, trimming, planting; and dreaming of the many weeks of beauty still ahead as spring relaxes into summer.



Photos by Woodland Gnome 2018



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Fabulous Friday:  Happiness is contagious… Let’s infect one another!

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5 responses to “Fabulous Friday: In Bloom

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  2. Thanks for sharing!
    A quick question – are you experiencing a lot of self-seeding from your foxglove?
    I scattered seeds absent-mindedly a few years ago in a single small space in a far corner garden.
    Foxglove have been popping up in several (!) places throughout a rather expansive garden space now ever since.

    • Kate, that would be a lovely challenge to have! Thus far, my foxgloves have not begun seeding new plants in the garden. But I bought small plants to begin with, not seed, and mine are supposed to be perennial. I will hope to begin finding volunteers one spring soon. Thanks for visiting Forest Garden ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I sometimes wonder if everything got quiet enough, we could actually hear the plants growing! 😉

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