WPC: Weathered Flowers


Flowers have survived on our Hydrangea quercifolia shrubs longer this season than ever before.  From buds to these weathered remnants, we have enjoyed them daily over their season.

This is the longest they’ve ever lasted, as some years the flowers  are eaten off of our oakleaf Hydrangeas by hungry deer before the flowers fully mature.



I see these winter wilted leaves and weathered flowers as a small sign of victory in our ongoing struggles with this garden.  Like an elderly person, a story of survival is told in every detail of their countenance.

Winter teaches us to find beauty in all stages of life.  It shows us the dignity of strength and tenacity, and serves as


Allium flowers, gone to seed, and now with the seeds mostly blown away.  Their structure and grace remains.


“…a reminder that there’s beauty to be found in the ephemeral and impermanent.”



For the Daily Post’s:

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Weathered

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13 responses to “WPC: Weathered Flowers

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  2. I can hear the silence in these beautiful images. Missing the beauty of winter here in the tropics

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  4. ahhh – that is a sign of victory – what a beautiful post and the weathered/winter garden photos are so nice

    • Thank you, Yvette ❤ ❤ ❤

      • my pleasure – and I just posted a photo from the wall in the mellow mushroom in the fan – did you ever make it to the location you wanted to check out?

        • Yes, we had lunch at the new location on Huguenot Road a few weeks ago. I’m still looking forward to a return visit! I will get over to check out your photo soon, Yvette.

          • take your time – it is not going anywhere – ha – but I am curious as to how the decor was at the one you visited – our location had old music stuff on the wall

            • Happy Sunday, Yvette. You asked about the decor at the new MM on Huguenot Rd, and i didn’t answer because I couldn’t remember much in detail! We were seated near the door and I was engrossed in conversation and eating. Sad! So, we returned for lunch yesterday and I took time to look around. The best I can describe is a nature theme. There is an ingenious use of large wooden sculptures, lots of organic motifs like grapes and flowers, and naturalistic panels of vibrant color. I can’t really compare it to anything else. But, I will say that I had the best mushroom soup I’ve ever tasted. I regretted the pizza I’d agreed to share and wished I’d ordered two bowls of soup, and maybe a pretzel! It was just delicious and perfect for a cold, damp day. You must check it out, and also check out the gorgeous displays at the Great Big Greenhouse, which is only a mile or so away on Huguenot. Next Saturday is a big event for children, and the train display has its last day next Saturday, too. Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend! Cheers! e

              • well thanks for the update and I will try the soup.
                The pizza we had was outstanding but I only had one piece (and it was more than enough too – esp. as I had a beer).
                but it was thin crust and loaded with great items and for the rare times I eat pizza – this was good.
                but soup is on my list and I saw they sold pretzels and so maybe will have to at least have a bite to see.

                and the decor sounds interesting – I will check it for sure.
                I might pass on the children’s event – even though I am sure it is awesome – I am over stimulated from a bust holiday season – and loved every activity but need to decompress – and also with older kids – I like missing some of the kid event s- maybe when grandkids come someday I will be back into those events -ha
                thx again for the info

                and oh yeah – the first time – it sounds like you did the right thing by being “engrossed in conversation and eating.”
                three cheers for that my friend – ha

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