“If you want something new,
you have to stop doing something old”
Peter F. Drucker
“The secret to so many artists living so long
is that every painting is a new adventure.
So, you see, they’re always looking ahead
to something new and exciting.
The secret is not to look back.”
Norman Rockwell



“Change is the end of something you know
and the beginning of something else
that you don’t know.
Something new that holds opportunities.”
Kholoud Yasser



“It is only when we are ready
to give up on some things in our lives
that we could receive new things.”
Sunday Adelaja



“So may the New Year be a happy one to you,
happy to many more
whose happiness depends on you!”
Charles Dickens
Photos by Woodland Gnome
January 1, 2018

What I am reading this week:  Garden Revolution by Larry Weaner and Thomas Christopher

Weaner and Christopher captivated my interest on the first page.  Theirs is a practical philosophy of gardening, which guides our doings and our not-doings.  They garden to guide a thriving eco-system in the proud tradition of  Doug Tallamy and Rachel Carson.

Many thanks to my dear friend who gifted me with a fresh copy of Tallamy’s Bringing Nature Home last week, inspiring me to remind myself of its important guidance.

I am reading these books now to focus on the bigger picture of why I garden,  ahead of beginning my Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener training class next week.

These authors remind us that often less is more; that cooperation with nature always adds value to our efforts, and sparks hope for our ecosystem and the continued viability of life on our planet.

January is my favorite time of year to study gardening books and catalogs.  If you use these frosty days and long winter nights for study, too; I invite you to take a look at these inspiring volumes.

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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

4 responses to “New

  1. Nice quotes. Love the accompanying pictures.

  2. Sounds like a great book, thanks for highlighting it. I agree we gardeners can create a wave of change for the better. Congrats on taking the MG course. You already know so much and you’ll be able to go out and inspire others to nurture the earth. 🙂

    • Thank you, Eliza. Our local group has excellent speakers at their monthly meetings and lots of interesting projects. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and learning something new. 😊 Do check out this very well written new book. Happy New Year!

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