Sunday Dinner: Retrospective

January 2017, Jones Millpond

“That’s what pictures are for, after all:
to stand in place of the things that weren’t left behind,
to bear witness to people and places and things
that might otherwise go unnoticed.”
John Darnielle

February 2017 Powhatan Creek

“In retrospect,
we can only be thankful
to all the mistakes that we made
and to all the lessons
that we learned from them!”
Avijeet Das

March 2017 James River at Black Point

“The Naga laughed softly, ‘There’s a thin line
that separates courage
from stupidity.  And that line
is only visible in retrospect, my friend.
If I’m successful,  people will call me brave.
If I fail, I will be called foolish.
Let me do what I think is right.
I’ll leave the verdict to the future.”
Amish Tripathi

April 2017 York River

“It is a simple
but sometimes forgotten truth
that the greatest enemy
to present joy and high hopes
is the cultivation
of retrospective bitterness.”
Robert Menzies

May 2017 Jones Millpond

“Remembrance of things past
is not necessarily
the remembrance of things as they were.”
Marcel Proust

June 2017

“Memory believes before knowing remembers.
Believes longer than recollects,
longer than knowing even wonders.”
William Faulkner

August 2017 Powhatan Creek

“Remember your connection with the cosmos.
Remember your connection with the infinity
and that remembrance
will give you the freedom.”
Amit Ray

September 2017, a waterway on Jamestown Island

Photos by Woodland Gnome 2017

Wishing you happiness, prosperity, good health and good gardening in 2018!


October 2017 The ‘D’ River empties into the Pacific Ocean

“Photography is never real,
it’s merely one of many ways
of telling the truth.”
John Thai

November 2017

“Ever poised on that cusp
between past and future,
we tie memories to souvenirs
like string to trees along life’s path,
marking the trail
in case we lose ourselves
around a bend of tomorrow’s road.”
Susan Lendroth

December 2017


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Lifelong teacher and gardener.

2 responses to “Sunday Dinner: Retrospective

  1. Beautiful memories… many more to come in the new year!

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