Fabulous Friday: Caladium Leaves


Here we are smack in the middle of June, and our Caladiums are finally taking their places in our garden.  It has been slow-growing this year, I’m afraid.  The weather here has been ‘iffy.’  As in, the Caladiums would be growing much better if the weather would just settle down with some consistency.

These tropical beauties love heat.  And we’ve had some pretty miserably hot days already.  But then we get a cool spell, and  a few dull rainy days, and they slow down again.  But the good news is that those ‘Moonlight’ tubers I planted directly into a pot in early May are finally growing.  I was holding my breath on those, but they are indeed alive and I see leaves on three of them.


Caladium ‘Sweet Carolina,’ back for its second year in our garden.


And the big bin of Caladiums I’ve held back in the garage for the last few weeks is emptied into the garden today, along with the odd bits and pieces of new tubers I planted a bit late.

Yes, it was another cool day here today, between waves of rain.  And I decided to make the most of it in a marathon of planting.  All the odd left-over pieces finally fit into the garden, somehow, and I’m ready to stroll about and simply admire it for the next few months!


I like this new Caladium, ‘Highlighter.’ It is supposed to be chartreuse, but so far is a lovely ivory with pink markings.


There has been an abundance of Caladiums this year, and I believe I’ve filled nearly every nook and niche that could support them.  There were the many tubers we dug, dried and saved through winter.  Nearly every one of those sprouted, and were the first batch I planted in late April.

The new ones came in the post about the time the first crop was ready for the garden.  I started those in several waves, and it was these new ones I was planting out today.


C. ‘Miss Muffet’ sparkles. This one  is in its third summer in our garden.


I was amazed:  Some of the new Caladiums, planted into my nursery boxes in potting soil in late April, were only just beginning to sprout.  I hope that now that they are outside in our summer weather, they will take off and grow.  They were nestled among the roots of the very tall Caladiums that have been growing (and stretching) in the garage.

We’ve somehow ended up with an abundance of white Caladium varieties this year.  In addition to ‘Moonlight,’ ‘White Queen’ and ‘White Christmas;’ there are a few ‘Sweet Carolina’ saved from last summer, and the new Caladium varieties, ‘White Delight’ and ‘Highlighter.’  These cool white leaves shine in the shade, and make me feel better on steamy summer days.


C. ‘Florida Sweetheart’


Caladiums left tucked in pots of Begonias, and other tender perennials that overwintered in our garage, have awakened now, too. They’ve all been outside for a month or more, and I”m finding their little leaves poking through the soil below the other plants.  How fabulous that they survived another winter!  Each one noticed, brings it’s own happiness.  And I am sure that more will show themselves in the weeks coming.



Caladiums  fall in that wonderful group of ‘easy’ plants to grow.  Once started, they ask for little beyond enriched, moist soil.  No need to prune, deadhead, stake or spray; they simply keep on pumping out gorgeous leaves until autumn’s chill shuts down their performance for another season.

We’ll enjoy them here for another four or five months, and then start the cycle again by digging, drying, and tucking the tubers safely away for the winter.  As I dug their planting holes in the garden today, lacing each with a little Bulb Tone, I admired our Caladiums with the happy satisfaction of knowing that the best is yet to come.


Woodland Gnome 2017



Fabulous Friday:  Happiness is contagious, Let’s infect one another!

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6 responses to “Fabulous Friday: Caladium Leaves

  1. Thanks for sharing – I love seeing your beautiful caladiums!

  2. Laurin Lindsey

    Great photos! I love caladiums. I have been planting them in my front annual bed for years. Last year we bought bulbs from Easy To Grow Bulb co. And they all came back up this year. I love the mix of colors instead of all one kind.

    • That is wonderful that they all came back up! Easy To Grow has always had good products and good service and I would also recommend them to anyone. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Caladiums this summer

  3. Don Patterson

    Oh ye of little faith! Those caladiums were just waiting! Lookin’ purdy! Don

    • Ha! They have all awakened , these tropical sleeping beauties ! And earlier this week I delivered the final pot of ‘Pink Beauty’ that I started as gifts (wanted at least a little growth before giving them . ) ‘Highlighter’ is spectacular, Don. I love the leaf form, its substance, size and its color. Didn’t recognize it until I looked back at your site to confirm the name . .assumed it was ‘White Delight ‘! Thank you for your help with this year’s crop! We are loving them !

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