What to Grow For A Rainy Day?

Colocasia ‘Pink China’


Have you ever found a list of plants to grow for a rainy day?  Surely there must be such a catalog, somewhere.  There are lists of plants for sun and shade, lists for arid gardens, for rock gardens and for water gardens.  There are lists of plants for attracting butterflies and for repelling deer.  Why not a list of rainy day plants, too?


Colocasia ‘Tea Cups’


Their leaves must be thick and waxy; their stems strong enough to take a pounding.  And, of course, they should hold raindrops and show them off like fine jewels.


Oakleaf Hydrangea


Rainy day plants need a bit of glow about them.  They should sparkle and shine on the dullest of days.


Colocasia ‘Tea Cups’


And they can’t ever turn to a soggy mush when rainy days stretch into rainy weeks.  We are blessed with our share of rainy days in coastal Virginia.




Some predict that climate change will bring us ever more rain, as warmer air absorbs and carries more moisture from the sea.   That has proven true these past few years, as coastal storms have brought us inches at a time.

Our soil holds it, too, like a soggy sponge.  And we need plants whose roots can luxuriate in this wet abundance.


Muscadine grapes


And mostly, we gardeners need some beautiful thing to admire on wet days.  Don’t you agree?

It’s good to walk out into one’s soggy garden and find it all looking fine.   To discover new layers of beauty when a plant is raindrop-clad brings us a little extra happiness.


Daucus carota, a carrot flower


Let’s make our own list of Rainy Day Plants.  Let’s consider what stands up well in our extreme summer weather, whatever that might be in our own garden.

For us it’s heat, humidity and rain.  Perhaps your own conditions are a bit different.  Do you have wind?  Drought?  Hail storms?  Floods?


Crepe Myrtle


Let’s be open to change.  Let’s plant our gardens to succeed in our current circumstance, whatever that might be.



We can move beyond that tired old list of what we’ve always done before, and make new choices.

Let’s fill our gardens with beauty and abundance, no matter which way the wind blows, and no matter how many rainy days come our way.


rose scented geranium, Pelargonium


Woodland Gnome 2017

“Live in moments that consume your heart and mind,

but be distracted by the music from the leaves,

birds, wind, rain, sun and people”


Val Uchendu





About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

8 responses to “What to Grow For A Rainy Day?

  1. My favorite rainy-day plant is Lady’s Mantle. Beads of water become jewels.

  2. We have recently had rain, rain, and more rain. I can’t believe how almost everything here is thriving and growing like topsy! All lush and green. It’s lovely!

  3. Laurin Lindsey

    I perfect selection! I love colocasias and alocasias. I have a Giant Borneo Alocasia that makes a great umbrella : )

    • ah, that is one I’ve always wanted to grow! How big does it grow in your garden? I grow a few more Colocasia and Alocasia each year. They are so easy, and so beautiful. I’m still experimenting to see how to keep them going year to year. Happy Tuesday! ❤ ❤ ❤

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