Carrot Flowers?

Carrot blossom, ready to open sometime soon….


Back in mid-February, I told you about planting whole carrots from the produce counter in our garden, in hopes of getting flowers from them this summer.  I took the word of a gardener who wrote about planting carrots in the April 2017 Fine Gardening magazine.

It can be great fun to experiment with these quirky ideas when you have a little garden space to work with.  And so I planted about a half dozen whole carrots just to see what would happen.



It didn’t take long for them to produce a few leaves, but those first leaves didn’t last long.  I suspect hungry rabbits had a nibble here and there.  But I noticed strong plants growing from those experimental carrots a few weeks ago.  And now, Voila!   Our carrot plants have grown to about 4′ high.  Even before the blooms open, I find them quit spiffy.



As you can see, the carrot’s leaves are fern like and delicate.  These grow in full sun.

There is still time to plant all sorts of interesting things in the garden.  Whether you start with a root, a cutting, a bulb, a seed or a stem; why not try something new and different this year?


Carrot with Allium bud


Woodland Gnome 2017

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5 responses to “Carrot Flowers?

  1. What a delightful experiment! I let my carrots go to seed last summer – alas there has not been a single seedling. Perhaps the fine seeds were blown too far away and another gardener has a surprise harvest or, more likely, the drought put an end to germination.

  2. Are you going to save the seed to plant next year? Do you have a veggie garden?

    • Eliza , I will hope the seeds scatter and sow themselves 😊 We grow lots of herbs and some rhubarb . We don’t get to harvest enough to make a veggie garden worthwhile , sadly . A friend gave me a tomato plant last month , but I can’t decide where to grow it….for the squirrels to enjoy . …😊

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