Fabulous Friday: Wisteria


We pulled into the parking area below VIMS at the Gloucester Point Beach the other evening, just as the sun was setting.  We wanted to see whether that beautiful Heron might still be around, and so I hopped out with my camera to explore the nearby wetland.

I was delighted to discover a huge Wisteria vine in full bloom along the opposite bank.



The air was fresh and salty.  We could smell the river and hear the bridge singing as vehicles drove across above us.

Otherwise, it was peaceful and silent in this beautiful place, near the beach.


The bridge which brings us from Yorktown to Gloucester Point


When we visited last time, leaves were just beginning to emerge.  Thin green blades were emerging among the reeds.  We never even noticed the Wisteria vines in the tangle of vegetation.  What a difference a week makes in April!  Quite suddenly, the cove was ablaze in beautiful flowers.



We have been enjoying the Wisteria this week.  Wisteria grows wild here.  You’ll find it weaving its way through the trees in neighborhoods, along roadsides, and here beside the York River.   It just grows bigger and better each year, covering vast areas with its tenacious stems and lush green leaves.  The flowers last for a few weeks, and then they are gone until the following year.

Wisteria in bloom is one of the most fabulous sights of spring, and worth sharing with you this Friday.



Woodland Gnome 2017


I’ve  set an intention to find some wonderful, beautiful, and happiness inducing thing to photograph each Friday.   If you’re moved to find something Fabulous to share on Fridays as well, please tag your post “Fabulous Friday” and link your post back to mine. 

Happiness is contagious!  Let’s infect one another!



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8 responses to “Fabulous Friday: Wisteria

  1. A fragrant wall of wisteria – it must have been stunning. Happy Easter!

  2. Just beautiful! There is a section of highway that I drive that has a vast wooded area laced with wisteria much like you’ve shown here. I love it. It especially looks beautiful reflecting in the water. 🙂

    • Wisteria is one of my very favorite gifts of spring. I love its wildness, and how it just suddenly appears one day in absolute profusion. Yes, I loved the reflections in the water and the floating petals. Looked like a scene from a Disney movie or something! Think, “Jungle Book.” Thank you for the kind words, and Happy Easter! 🙂

  3. Wonderful treat to find them suddenly like that!

    • This is a new spot we’ve found this month . Now, we will want to visit every few weeks to learn what further treasures it may harbor . It is brackish water , tidal , which makes the Wisteria growing here on the bank even more surprising 😊

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