Fabulous Friday: Daffodils



Daffodils simply sing happiness as they nod and wave in the early spring breeze.




Sometimes that breeze is a little more lively, and the nodding and waving make a clear photo next to impossible.  But I still find it satisfying to try and capture their beautiful faces with as much clarity as conditions allow.




We watch for patches of bright Daffodils as we drive around town.  And we find Daffodils in abundance around Williamsburg.

As much as we enjoy the daffies blooming along the roadsides and in others’ gardens, we agree the very best Daffodil display greets us on our own street.




Our close neighbors love Daffodils, too, and have thousands blooming in their yards.  A golden sea of daffies welcomes us home.




Our combined collection grows from year to year.  In autumn, we plant everything from ‘big box store’ mixtures to named hybrids.  Our neighbor lends his bulb planter as we confer about how many we each plan to buy and plant before winter halts our efforts.

I pore over the catalogs in late summer, selecting which new daffies we will plant that year.   Together, my partner and I  plan where to extend the new Daffodil plantings in our garden.




We see this annual Daffodil planting as an investment in happiness.




And these are just the opening act!  These early daffies have opened since the second week of February.  Many more will follow…..

Walking through our garden, and admiring the Daffodils together, has made this Friday Fabulous!



What is more happiness-inducing than to watch the daffies emerge and bloom each spring?   They are a sure herald of better times ahead!




Photos by Woodland Gnome 2017




I am setting an intention to find some wonderful, beautiful, and happiness inducing thing to write about each Friday. 

Now that the Weekly Photo Challenge has moved to Wednesdays, I am starting  “Fabulous Friday” on Forest Garden. 

If you’re moved to find something Fabulous to share on Fridays as well, please tag your post “Fabulous Friday” and link your post back to mine. 

Happiness is contagious!  Let’s infect one another!





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12 responses to “Fabulous Friday: Daffodils

  1. The daffs are sprouting in North Carolina now too.

  2. Happiness is contagious and so are happy daffodils.

  3. Your neighborhood sounds divine!

  4. Definitely happiness-inducing! Nice variety, I esp. like the white/soft yellow double-bloom. 🙂

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