Plan Now For Winter’s Flowers


Muscari, Grape Hyacinth


Color drains from the garden as frost works its wintery magic.  Leaves turn brilliant orange, scarlet and gold before tumbling from their trees on autumn winds, soon to turn soggy and brown underfoot.  Newly bare branches stretch high against the sky, sometimes blue but often grey and sodden.

Shiny green remains only on our evergreen shrubs and trees, now brilliant against an otherwise drab and barren landscape.  We admire red berries against prickly holly and soft Nandina leaves and purplish blue ones now noticeable on the Wax Myrtle and Ligustrum.


January 17, 2016 snow 039


Yet some of us crave flowers, even during the restful months between frosts.  It would be altogether too depressing to me, a Virginia girl, to face long months ahead of a dormant garden without anything in bloom.

In Zone 7 and south, we can enjoy flowering shrubs, annuals, perennials and bulbs during the winter.  Even through periods of freezing weather, snow, ice storms temperatures down into the teens; these plants soldier on.  When they thaw, they just keep growing.  Some of these plants still grow and flower through the winter in zones well to our north.

If you need winter flowers, consider some of these beautiful choices: (Follow the links for more detail about growing each plant)




Camellia Sasanqua



Edgeworthia chrysantha



March 23, 2014 parkway and flowers 003



March 15, 2015 flowers 018

Japanese Magnolia


March 12, 2016 spring flowers 025

Magnolia stellata


Mahonia aquifolium


Hamamelis (Witchhazel)



March 14, 2015 spring flowers 020


February 14, 2015 flower basket 004



March 20 2014 spring 006




March 12, 2015 watershed 002


March 25, 2016 Daffodils 016


March 20, 2016 spring flowers 031


February 24, 2014 snowdrops 036
Galanthus nivalis ( Snowdrops )


March 12, 2014 CW 029
Iris reticulata


Vines, ground cover

Perwinkle flowers bloom on the Vinca minor vine in early spring.

Vinca Minor, Periwinkle


This is the time to plan for winter flowers.  Find a good selection of Violas, Hellebores, shrubs and bulbs at garden centers now.  Plant through the end of December, at least; and enjoy these beautiful plants for many years to come.

Winter flowers are brighten our gardens and bring a touch of joy to frosty winter days.


January 27, 2015 snow 009


Woodland Gnome 2016

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