WPC: Shine



Light always attracts us.  We follow the mysterious glint and shine of something unknown, hoping to find a treasure.




After several stormy days along the coast of the Pacific Northwest, I was called down to the beach by the glint and shine of sunlight sparkling on the sand and sea foam.

It was the first real sunlight we’d  had for days, and I was determined to get in some beach time before packing my bags for the long flight home.




I was hoping for a small agate or shell, left by the waves, to take home as an added treasure from this trip.

The waves still crashing high and hard, my path hugged the high tide mark at the base of the cliff.   There were long strands of sea grasses, still wet and shining in the morning sun.  Huge hunks of wood, some already charred from beach bonfires, littered the beach.  Sea foam sparkled as it skittered across the sand.




Focused on my photoing, I almost didn’t see the sneaker wave rolling up the beach.  I ran for the rocks, but still found myself ankle deep in the cold Pacific surf.  Not so bad, except I had worn my favorite Sebagos on this jaunt…




Time to turn around and head back to the condo, to dry out and wait for low tide.  The treasures I’d found were locked deep in my Nikon’s memory card.




Woodland Gnome 2016


For the Daily Post’s

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Shine




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4 responses to “WPC: Shine

  1. I thought of you when I heard they were getting fierce storms out there. Glad you had at least one nice day before you left. Was it a good visit? How old is your granddaughter now? Have your shoes recovered? 🙂

    • Eliza, you are too funny! The shoes took 2 days under the bathroom heat lamp to dry, but now are none the worse for their swim in the Pacific 🙂 Little one will be 3 in January and is ‘Ms. Personality.’ Such fun having her around! We had 2 nice days at the start of the visit before the storms rolled in last Wednesday afternoon. Folks on the coast don’t stop just because its raining and windy…. Nothing closed and folks went about their business despite ‘hurricane’ conditions. Tough lot out there! Yes, I let my granddaughter go out and play on the balcony during a hurricane… and she loved it! It was a good visit and we had 2 days at the end of the visit with dry periods and a little sun. We got everywhere I truly wanted to go, did everything we needed to do, and had fun together. We did a sleep over during the stormiest nights, so had a little more time together. The only thing which would have made this visit better is if there were no presidential campaign running. We wasted way too much time paying attention to the nauseating news cycles, but my daughter is a political junkie and keeps up with all of it. She is now turning her attention to gardening, so we had great fun at the Connie Hansen garden and later at a really good local nursery. I’m glad she has come to a love of gardening, too. Hope your last 2 weeks have been good ones! Hugs, WG ❤ ❤ ❤

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