The Gathering

August 19, 2016 birds 012


Golden sun sinks below the treeline

As  shadows gather and gel into darkness.

The air smells green and damp.


August 19, 2016 birds 016


Silvery mist glides across the water;

Softly blurring land and lake,

Lake and sky,

Twilight and night.


August 19, 2016 birds 001


A heron waits,

Still and silent,

For the gathering.


August 19, 2016 birds 014


Grey on green, green on grey,

Sky on water, night on day;


August 19, 2016 birds 018


Boundaries blur and fade

As emerald August evening

Pauses, lingers, but still slowly

Melts  away.


August 19, 2016 birds 015


Woodland Gnome 2016


August 19, 2016 birds 019



About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

8 responses to “The Gathering

  1. Absolutely beautiful – both words and photos. You’ve captured the feeling of an August evening perfectly.

    • Thank you, Eliza. It was such a perfect evening. It had stormed there earlier in the afternoon and the light was ‘just right.’ We had a great time together capturing these images. Hope you are well- Hugs, e

      • Very well, thank you. Today was a simply stellar summer’s day. 🙂

        • Eliza, you only say that because you live in New England! 😉 I am happy that you had a great summer day, and hope you spent it with those you love ❤ Spend August in VA some year and you'll have a different take on summer, I promise you. The heat drove me indoors today around 10:30 AM. I got busy outside by 8 just to get some water in the ground and pots for our poor, desiccated perennials. Summer days are spent inside with the drapes closed and the air conditioning set to nearly 80F. I was back out around 7:30 PM with the hose, until nearly dark. I just hope the garden (and the gardeners!) make it through the next few weeks and that cooler weather is on the way! Wonderful to hear from you ❤ ❤ ❤

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