In A Vase On Monday: Harvest of Daffodils

March 20, 2016 spring flowers 021


Astrological spring and meteorological spring finally agree with the reality in our garden.  We’ve touched every milestone along the way, avoided a late snow last night, and can breathe deeply again with confidence that spring has indeed arrived.


March 20, 2016 spring flowers 022


We will celebrate the New Year, Nowruz, which comes on the spring Equinox, with friends this afternoon.  And we’ll be taking them this vase filled with Daffodils, ivy, and a blooming branch from our apple tree.


March 20, 2016 spring flowers 018


Our earliest Daffodils have begun to fade even as the mid-season bloomers open.  We have perhaps seven or eight different types blooming now, with a few late bloomers not yet ready to appear.

It is a long season of beautiful Daffodils in our garden, and in our community.  Many of us have caught the Daffodil Fever from our friends across the York River in Gloucester.  Their Daffodil Festival comes the first weekend of April.  But Daffodils have already  been blooming now for several weeks in coastal Virginia.


march 21, 2016 Daffodils 005


Daffodils not only bring early color and movement to the garden.  They also offer protection from moles and voles for the roots of other plants.  Now, I plant rings of Daffodil bulbs  around newly planted shrubs to protect them.  Every part of a Daffodil plant is poisonous, including its roots.  Those roots grow into a secure network of protection for several inches in every direction from the bulb.


march 21, 2016 Daffodils 015


Daffodils return each spring, increasing into larger clumps with more flowers each passing year.  If allowed to set seed, they will spread far across the garden.


March 20, 2016 spring flowers 024~

Most Daffodils will outlive the gardener who planted them with minimal care.  We enjoy a large wave of golden Daffodils left by the first gardeners of our property more than 25 years ago.  And every fall we plant more, expanding their reach to every portion of our garden.

Appreciation, as always, to Cathy, at Rambling in the Garden, for sponsoring our Monday vases.   Please visit her post today to see a simply stunning vase she has made herself, filled with beautiful spring flowers.  If your heart needs more bright sunny Daffodils and species tulips, you will enjoy gazing at her photos today.  You’ll also find of links to many creative vases arranged by other gardeners around the world.


Not a vase, but a container planted up last fall with Daffodils, Hellebores, moss, and other spring bulbs has come into its own this week.

Not a vase, but a container planted up last fall with Daffodils, Hellebores, moss, Violas and other spring bulbs has come into its own this week.


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17 responses to “In A Vase On Monday: Harvest of Daffodils

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  2. What a beautiful selection of blooms – I tend to like the palest ones best. Thanks for sharing ps I had to look up what ‘Nowruz’ was…

  3. A beautiful bouquet to remind me that spring is on its way! 🙂

  4. Beautiful arrangements! You’re so lucky to have such a nice spring!

  5. Flowers from our gardens are the perfect hostess gift. You will be welcomed with open arms. I thought for sure daffodils would be safe from gophers but they seem to redistribute them instead (more’s the pity)

    • Are you saying that gophers are your gardening helpers for that ‘naturalized’ look? Something, still don’t know what, dug up some Dahlia hands and Geranium roots I planted last week. Came out the next morning to big holes with the bare root plants lying on the mulch about 10′ away. Just grateful they weren’t eaten!

  6. Tess

    We are expecting a frost tonight. I’ve covered all of my hydrangeas and the clematis that already has buds set for blooms. Buckets went over some of the perennials that I know will come back but they are so far along I didn’t want to start over. Some of the hydrangeas took three sheets to fully cover! I’ve waited too long for blooms to see it all end now. We still have weeks to go until our last frost date but I’m ready to protect them again, if necessary. The lengths we will go to!! Your daffodils are gorgeous!!

    • Thank you, Tess. We flirted with freezing temps last night, and have a forecast tonight of 34F. I’m just hoping for our Hydrangeas, too. Our roses are also fully leafed out. It has been so warm that Everything is weeks early this year. Fingers crossed for us all ❤ ❤ ❤

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