January 25, 2016 snow 006


“All things were formed of energy,

arrangements of bundled light

that were subject to natural law.

The awareness of this truth,

defined to absolute perfection,

granted the mage-trained their influence.

To know a thing, to encompass its full measure

in respect was to hold its secrets in mastery.

Life-force was the basis of all power.”


Janny Wurts

There is no mistaking the sun’s power on a day like today.

Waking up, yet again, to a frozen world; we watched our world thaw under the sun’s golden touch.  The long icicles which greeted us this morning dripped and evaporated to nothingness.  We hear dripping everywhere, now, as snow gathered on the roof and tree limbs melts.


January 24, 2016 snowday 001


Today was given to digging out.  Every shovelful of frozen snow moved gave that much more space for the sun to heat.  It was almost balmy after lunch, a promise of spring in the air, even as snow still covers the garden.

I lifted huge drifts of snow from the chairs on the deck, then let the shovel nibble bites of frozen snow from its surface.  The sun hadn’t yet reached our shady deck, and the snow sat,  solidly frozen.

My energy wasn’t equal to its heavy inertia.   Birds watched intently from the trees, wondering how much seed would be left behind from my efforts.



January 25, 2016 snow 008


This Arum italicum caught my attention this morning, its life force determinedly melting the snow from around its leaves, drawing the sun’s light and heat towards itself like a magnet.  It keeps growing this winter, sending up a new leaf every few weeks.

What a wonderful plant.  How have I missed it before now?  Every garden center in our area should offer this Arum, as it is proving tough, as well as beautiful, in our garden.


January 25, 2016 snow 009


Tough is good, on a day like today.  It is good insurance of one’s survival.  We watch that eternal dance between ice and fire playing out on the stage of our garden.  Today, it appears the sun is winning.


January 24, 2016 snowday 005


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy,

frequency and vibration.”


Nikola Tesla


January 25, 2016 snow 003


Woodland Gnome 2016




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