Sunday Dinner: Alive

January 24, 2016 snowday 045


“He was mastered by the sheer surging of life,

the tidal wave of being,

the perfect joy of each separate muscle, joint,

and sinew in that it was everything

that was not death,

that it was aglow and rampant,

expressing itself in movement,

flying exultantly under the stars.”


Jack London


January 24, 2016 snowday 049


Photos by Woodland Gnome 2016


January 24, 2016 snowday 051


About woodlandgnome

Lifelong teacher and gardener.

10 responses to “Sunday Dinner: Alive

  1. Beautiful pictures. Blue skies here today too! Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely day! Koko:)

  2. Gorgeous blue sky! How much snow did you end up getting?

    • Hi Eliza. I don’t know how much snow …. a lot! We had periods of sleet and freezing rain compact our snow at times, and then it snowed deep into the night on Saturday, but also blew around and drifted. News says 7-8″. It is a manageable snow in depth, but pure ice underneath. A lot melted yesterday, and we enjoyed a sunny day in the upper 30s. What did the storm bring you?

  3. Lovely. It’s beautiful today, isn’t it? I’ve been out watching the birds, too.

    • Absolutely gorgeous! We’ve had a near constant parade of birds enjoying the food I’ve been putting out in little spots near the house. BUT! I caught a squirrel in the blue cup feeder, which is the one I purchased from the artist last month. So much for ‘squirrel proof’ suet cake! I’ve not caught one in my version of the suet yet… I was pretty liberal with the cayenne…. Hope you’ve enjoyed the day, WG

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