WPC: Weightless Over the Pacific

April 30, 2015 Oregon in April 094



Floating in a watercolor sky,

Lifted up, and ever higher up,

Riding warm rivers of air.


April 30, 2015 Oregon in April 675


Sailing freely above a peaceful sea;

Seeking nothing, seeing no one,

Knowing only light and dark, heat and cool,

Fog and rain.


April 30, 2015 Oregon in April 203


You dance, playing with golden sunlight as it falls to Earth.

Sky sculptor, peopling the troposphere

With sylphs and rainbows, giants and dragons.

Every myth begins and ends in your embrace.


April 30, 2015 Oregon in April 248


Floating in, creeping off the waves onto the strand,

You blur every boundary.

Misty, dreamily, relentlessly you descend;

Leaving even Earthbound beings



April 30, 2015 Oregon in April 021


Woodland Gnome 2016


April 30, 2015 Oregon in April 447~

For the Daily Posts

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

Photos from the Oregon Coast April 2015

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13 responses to “WPC: Weightless Over the Pacific

  1. Super lovely– both poem and photos. 🙂

  2. Stunning coast! Great pictures. Love to visit it once 🙂

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  4. I was there in April of last year as well. Exact spot as the last photo. It’s a beautiful part of the Oregon coast. Nice photos.

    • Then you know how breathtaking that little spot can be, when its not socked in with rain and fog. I was thrilled- on my last day of the visit- to have the opportunity to drive up there with my daughter and granddaughter on a clear day! That is one of a long series of photos, capturing the nearly 360 degree view. Did you drive up Rt. 5? That is a trip I’d love to make one day, all the way from WA down into CA. Such beauty! Thank you for visiting, Maggie. Cheers!

      • I grew up in the Astoria area and now live near Portland. I’d like to travel the entire length of Hwy 101 on the coast some day.

        • Maggie, how I envy you! I’ve been wanting to move to the OR coast for a while now, and expect to make it their eventually! Such a stunning part of the country. I let my daughter play the computer game “Oregon Trail” when she was a kid. Little did I expect that she would decide to move out there and settle herself! Cheers! WG

  5. Wish

    Did you write this just for the photo challenge?! Wow, beautiful poem, beautiful illustrated poem.

  6. Beautiful poem, it has a very airy ephemeral quality to it.

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