A Colonial Winter Garden

December 13, 2015 CW 034


Those fierce souls who founded our nation knew the importance of taking care of business.  And their business always included raising food for their own family’s table.


December 13, 2015 CW 055


Our country was founded by serious gardeners.  Even  luminaries such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington maintained gardens, tended orchards, had fields of crops to use and sell, and raised those animals needed to keep meat on the table.  Although they, and others of their class kept slaves in those days; they still took a very active hands-on interest in their garden.


December 13, 2015 CW 041


Colonial Williamsburg maintains many gardens, but this remains my favorite.  It is a very well maintained colonial vegetable garden tended in the 18th Century style.


December 13, 2015 CW 067


It looks even more lush this December than usual.  But that is likely due to our fair weather these last few months.  It is a pleasing mix of herbs, flowers and vegetables.


December 13, 2015 CW 039


Fruit trees may be found around the edges.  There are vegetables growing from tiny seedling up to ready to harvest cabbages and collards.


December 13, 2015 CW 070


These vegetables are used in the CW kitchens.  They are lovingly tended up to the moment they are authentically prepared and gratefully consumed.


December 13, 2015 CW 046


We strolled down Duke of Gloucester Street on Sunday to enjoy the ingenious Christmas wreathes.  But as you might guess, I was distracted for quite a while by the garden.


December 13, 2015 CW 043~

It was  a grey day, completely overcast and damp.  A few drops spritzled as we were leaving.  But it was warm and comfortable; a great day to enjoy the wreathes and seasonal decorations on every building.

I’ll share a few with you each day for the next few days.


December 13, 2015 CW 042


I’ve not yet made any wreathes myself,  this year. 


December 13, 2015 CW 047~

But there is still time before Christmas Eve, and a dear friend gifted me with a bucket of Magnolia branches later Sunday afternoon.  We used some of the Magnolia while decorating for a community luncheon we’re hosting tomorrow.

And yes, there is a vase.  I just haven’t photographed it, yet!


December 13, 2015 CW 035


Evergreen Magnolia is one of my favorite native plants.  They grow wild here in Virginia, and my friend has a wild seedling grown large in her garden.

You’ll see lots of Magnolia used at Colonial Williamsburg in their holiday decorations.  It has wonderful color and holds up for the several weeks of our festivities.  One can’t eat it, but it decorates many holiday dinner tables and sideboards.  We spread it liberally around our buffet table and the beverage tables for tomorrow’s gathering.


December 13, 2015 CW 142


Which in a round about way brings us back to my neglect of wreathes this season.  Our  front doors are graced with old ones from ‘the wreath collection’ which hangs in our garage at the moment.  They are fine from a distance, with red silk roses and moss on a grapevine base.

And I just may recycle the Magnolia leaves off the buffet table into a stunning garland to hang round the front doors this year.  Southern Living Magazine has any number of fine projects featuring Magnolia leaves this December.

If you are a Virginia neighbor, you might have been admiring the December issue right along with me.


December 13, 2015 CW 217


It still all comes down to ‘taking care of business’ for our family and our community.

As modern as our lives might feel at times, our foundation remains in hearth and home;  friendship and family; good food and hands-on self sufficiency.    It is part of our heritage not just as Virginians or Americans;  it is part of our human heritage and a fundamental value around the world.


December 13, 2015 CW 095


May you take time for those things which bring you real joy this holiday season.  And may you take care of business such that you assure yourself and your loved ones of a very Happy New Year, too.


December 13, 2015 CW 048~

Woodland Gnome 2015

Photos from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

“A Forest Garden 2016” gardening calendar is now available, featuring some of our favorite photos from 2015.  Write to me at woodlandgnome@zoho.com for details.

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7 responses to “A Colonial Winter Garden

  1. Thanks for sharing all the wreath photos – CW really does an outstanding job with their wreaths – truly superb!

    • Can you imagine, Eliza, how many hours it takes their team to produce all of these wreaths? We haven’t seen or photographed even half of them yet. One house made the news, though, as all of the wreathes on the house have a non-Colonial ‘Star Wars’ theme. One in all green looks just like a portrait of ‘Yoda.’ Several have candles set in a silver handle. The news describes these as ‘light saber’ wreathes. I plan to go back and look at those again! Glad you are enjoying the wreathes, Eliza. Wish you could enjoy them first-hand, too ❤

  2. How nice, I love all the wreaths here.

  3. No flower could be any prettier that that full-blown cabbage. All the wreathes are beautiful, but I am especially taken with the magnolia/cone combo.Just watched a Charlie Rose segment about ‘Hamilton’, the rap opera. Sounds fabulous and in keeping with your Colonial theme.

    • I agree with you on the cabbage, Rickii. I was just speechless with awe. So lovely! It makes me understand the term ‘cabbage rose.’ The wreathes in CW are so special. They combine things you would never think of, and it comes off beautifully. One of them is even decorated with wool spun from the CW sheep herd! Thank you for visiting, Rickii ❤ 3

  4. Very interesting colonial garden.

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